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(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Of Mob Scenes and Party Vans

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

(sourced from the DA pile rather than the Ramen subserver because I can, they’ll get posted to the Ramen subserver later)

Aaaaahahahaha I am the worst liberal in the world! And by that I mean I’ve been naughty and made ramen offerings to the MSNBC gods. It just kinda happened, ESPECIALLY the latter.

Best Mob in the World
My inclination to mentally draw parallels between the absurdity of cable news and Azumanga Daioh is going to come back and bite me. Or it could spawn things far more horrible. (Like more episodes of Pundit Games!) For reasons I… don’t quite remember, I was possessed to scribble just about every major MSNBC dood I could think of– not just the primetime heavy hitters like Olbermann and friends, but also the morning and daytime anchors too.

Click for the fullview if you want a full list of all the happy people.

Also I will never, ever get over Chris Matthews’ XD face. Every piece I’ve drawn him in, he’s had the XD face. It’s almost like Xelloss and his near-perma-^_^ face. The man is defined by that Velan-esque “HAH,” one that has become so widespread that both Hardball and Countdown have “HAH” sound bites (similar to how many news stations now have a “D’oh!” button).

Speaking of silliness…

MSNBC Party Van

This is not the FBI Party Van that you are looking for, the one you hear about on 4chan and affiliated acts.
No, this is the opposite! This is the MSNBC Party Van, the clunker that brings joy and awesome, and breaks up acts of lameitude.
(I’m not sure if MSNBC has its own van fleet, or if all the NBC subnets just draw from the same NBC van fleet. Nonetheless, I totally pulled the design for the MSNBC Party Van out of nowhere. Go me!)

This was a sudden scribble, per request of a new community that needed a banner. Ordinarily the next piece in the political ramen queue was going to be another Pundit Games piece, but it got preempted in favor of the MSNBC Party Van.
And yes, the license plate is “BU5H3D1” :P

Fear not, the Oasis pic is still a go– it merely requires ink and color.
Also, a hint for things to come in the normal ramen queue… Skeleton Generals are best enjoyed extra crispy!

(Undercooked Ramen) What level is Nancy Pelosi, again?

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Today’s Undercooked Ramen brought to you by playing way too much Disgaea.

…of course, if there are Prinnies involved, this could be a BIT problematic.

Concurrently, things like the above are why this feature is called Undercooked Ramen. :P The glory of half-baked ideas~

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Double Feature!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

As promised, a Ramen double-hitter.

First up, the sequel to May’s Pundit Brawl, Pundit Kart!
Because, you know, I’m a naughty liberal and worse still, there’s nothing like solving political and pundit-related conflicts with VIDEO GAMES.
Once again, Team MSNBC (represented by Rachel Maddow) takes on Team Fox News (represented by Gretchen Carlson). I want that Rubber Duckie Couch so badly. The real funny, of course, is in the onlookers.

I think I turned David Shuster into Charlie Brown… which is more amusing than it really should be. Yeah, you eat that popcorn, Shu-bot! :P

This was a little late in being publicly posted on regular Ayarane Project; for the time being, political art goes on dA and the two political comms I frequent first. I have also elected not to post WIPs of those here as a courtesy to some of my more conservative peers, since it seems like I’d just be rocking the boat more than necessary. Still, ramen is ramen, and these pieces are really more about the silliness of people in large groups.

Speaking of which…

Elves are NOT Watermelons.
Seriously, they aren’t. Of course, Haruko = too drunk to tell the difference. (Or is she?)

Numair, against his better judgement, let Chelsea and Velan bury him in sand for lulz. (Probably, Velan baited him with cookies.) This, of course, is a ginormous trap in the form of a boozed-up blindfolded Haruko wielding a stick. And poor Hikaru, even on vacation she is still having to be the sole responsible adult in a guild full of crazy people. (You would think the likes of Deeum and Nemesis would be, too, but they booze it up like the rest of ’em. Rineas is too much of an assmunch to care, and Old Lady Kit may LOOK normal but she’s just as bad as Velan in terms of “doing it for the lulz.” :P)

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) PUNDIT BRAWL!

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

First off, to anyone who sees this and is a fan of Fox News… please accept humble apologies from this extremely-naughty liberal. >_>;;; I know at least one person who’s going to chew my head off over how I portrayed Glenn Beck, ahahaha…

With that out of the way, let there be… MOAR Brawl?! For those who do not follow the American political machine, tonight is the White House Correspondents Dinner, and when the guest list was leaked on [info]olberfanns it just set off a badly-needed wildfire in Yoshi’s Imagination, enough to drag my lazy bum to fire up Painter. And… this happened. Once again, things like “who’s playing as who?” is left up to your imagination even though you would think that somewhat defeats the purpose… or does it? In a way, these Brawl drawings are kinda like bar scenes, just replace beer with Wiimotes. And the really kooky part is that, knowing President Obama… this kind of stuff probably COULD happen. The man does have a Wii. >_>; Never mind that critics would howl (and supporters and, hell, pretty much all the fangirls on [info]obama_daily/[info]biden_daily would squee) at the thought…


I was going to try and shower and summon pizza so everything’s in place so I can plop into my (albeit squeaky) rocking chair and watch the MSNBC broadcast of the WHCD, but I took too long in spreading the Brawl around. (dA, Ramen server, twitter and olberfanns). Hm. We’ll see how things unfold!

Ramen shot and SENATOR BRAWL sequel?!

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

I love [info]olberfanns for they have done the equivalent of dropped a SSB-brand heart container on my motivation to draw.
MOAR POLITICS? Yes, with the added sass of revisiting one of my favorite topics: what happens if you give so-and-so Wii controllers and turn them loose in Smash Bros. >:D
I’ll admit it’ll be a little harder to, um, remain impartial this time (then again, the fact that I made a Happy Flower grow out of John McCain’s head kinda says something, too), but with these kinds of drawings it’s more about the overall lulz than it is about taking potshots at a specific person/party.

*cackles while gathering Oval Office pictures as reference for the background*