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Hard Drives

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

So all this trouble and worry was because my drives were in the wrong boot order?


It gets a little randomsauce

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

(I wrote this yesterday but forgot to hit post before transferring to Dinah. Oops.)

Got some Pizza Hut to go with (Tuesday’s) NSFWshow viewing (not in any raids at the moment nor are there any new Law and Order SVU episodes until after summer). I had a code for a free order of Rollers, and I’m pretty sure I’ve had those before, long ago when they first appeared. Time for a revisit? :P

Like the cheese sticks, the Rollers did get better. You still get 4 of them but they are much bigger than they were originally. They are basically croissants that use the Classic Hand-Tossed dough, but are rolled up with cheese and pepperoni (there’s an option that omits the pepperoni, but why would you? :P). In a way they could also be described as mini-P’zones, just without the dusting of parmesan and easier on the jaws. :) Also you get to choose between marinara and ranch for dipping, though I think they work just fine without dip, which you can save for dunking your pizza crust in.

My only complaint with them now is the same with P’zones and P’zolos: no custom build option, still? Even with Rollers, this would be easy, just cap at 1 item beyond cheese.

Ever had a dream of something that you really, really wish would have been real, no matter how stupid it might seem? I’m talking about TV spinoffs here.

It’s… uh… well, what d’ya think would happen if, somehow, the Law and Order doods licensed or otherwise acquired the Kindergarten Cop concept and did a TV spinoff of it starring Chris Meloni as his SVU character? Yes, you heard me, Det. Stabler posing as a kindergarten teacher while chasing down creepers. (I know canon says he resigned but this is TV, anything is possible, especially with how oddball SVU’s individual plotlines had been getting, haha)

I was partially through its equivalent of the “who is your daddy and what does he do” bit and then I woke up. Dammit. This needs to be a real show!

I had more drivel but I’m trying to finish this piece that I’ve been sitting on for the better part of a month and… yeah. You’ve seen the WIPs (King Leo, JammerB and Tony), I just need to finish coloring them. :P

Rebuild, Incomplete

Friday, June 1st, 2012

So Amazon had a bit of a Blu-Ray fire sale last week. I think it might have had to do with the release of MiB3, but no matter since a crapload of Blu-Rays got slashed to under $10. What does this mean? I go in and grab a good chunk of my disaster porn (2012, The Day after Tomorrow, Armageddon, etc.) and some other gems of fun. Sure, I have these all from torrents and earlier DVD iterations, but to get the real ones with the French dubs and commentary tracks and to purge some of the bad karma off my dirty, dirty pirate soul… :P

Anyway, among this Amazing Technicolor Blu-Ray Dream Box (Part 1) is the 2nd part of Rebuild of Evangelion. “US Cast Commentary?” Yes, please! *loot loot loot loot loot*

…except, um, it isn’t a real commentary track as much as it is a bunch of interviews that could have been better placed as separate video extras, because they aren’t really talking about what’s going on in the actual movie and so there’s sort of this disconnect. You start off with the ADR dood, then him talking to the VAs for Shinji, Rei, Misato, Asuka and Mari (separately and in that order) and then an audio engineer… and then there’s no more commentary and it just reverts to the English audio for the remaining 1/3 of the movie. Boo!

Turtle, Resurrected (Again)

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Once more Blastoise is back, and in proper form. Awesome card is awesome and low-powered (good lord, that 570 was a greedy jerk, eating up not only two six-pin connectors but an additional two pins, where this 550 only demands a single six-pin connector) and everything is all clear across the board. Blastoise is running on 270.61 and most importantly he’s got dual monitor mode back. YES. I’ve missed that so much.

No driver failures, no blue-screens in CoH or WoW, no green-outs on YouTube, no broken textures… good. STAY THAT WAY. Please?

And as it turned out, the raid got bumped to Monday anyhow. So even if I did have problems, it wouldn’t have held me up for anything I had plans for.

Only In My Dreams

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Hi. I have a Nintendo 3DS as of 9:30 this morning. (Early delivery is EARLY! Damn.)
Aqua Blue, of course! It’s close to being Maximillian-blue as I’m going to get.
Of course, you can’t have a game system without a game* so I looted Mario Kart 7 with it, and Tales of the Abyss is on preorder, to drop next week.

Graphically, holy smoo on a cracker did Nintendo win it this time. I’ve had low expectations of Nintendo on a graphical level for quite awhile (see: the Wii and its lack of true HD, using component barely gets you widescreen but you’re still capped at 480p). The original DS was… okay with its graphics that were Nintendo 64-equivalent and all matte-looking and still bitmappy in places, but the 3DS really is a dramatic jump ahead in this department. I’d put it on par with late-phase PS2/GameCube. There’s actually reflective/shiny surfaces, and the lens flares actually looks like a convincing lens flare and not like a bunch of bitmaps synchronized to simulate a lens flare. :P

One tiny little problem, though… and this isn’t really Nintendo’s fault as it is just the great Random Number Generator that I got stuck with during Real Life Character Creation. Seems I’m stereoblind! Doh! Though… looking back, I never could get those stereograms to work for me. I remember getting a headache trying to get a stereogram print of Luigi to “pop out” and it never did. (Amusingly enough, so says Wikipedia: stereoblindness is common among artists. Hah!)

Fortunately, even us stereoblindies can still enjoy the 3DS. Nobody in their right mind would code a game dependent on the ability to see stereoscopic 3D. Not to mention, since this is useless to me, I can just turn it off and save on battery charge. :D

It’s going to rock next week when Tales of the Abyss drops. I don’t think it adds anything that wasn’t in the PS2 version, but I had to get it on principle. It’s like how I MUST own every variant of Final Fantasy 4 that gets released here. >:D