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In which Yoshi gets her grammar hate on

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

On the internets, I like to, you know, at least make some attempt to remember the spelling/grammar/mechanics that got drilled into my head in grade school, but I’m generally forgiving of others. That said, I have… well, they go farther than “pet peeve” territory, and right into “No, you stop that, you stop that right now.”

The first is the use of LOL as punctuation.
Do this and with few exceptions you’re likely to go on my “this dood is a dim-witted stupidface, don’t take him seriously” list. Seriously, are you stupid enough to find everything funny? You are no Beavis and Butthead.

The other has been cropping up more and more, typically in, uh… let’s just say where you would expect to find displays of feminist/political outrage though I’m sure this form of nonsense can appear anywhere:

“I can’t”
“I can’t even”
“I just cannot with this nonsense”

WHERE’S THE VERB? You stop there without the verb. You can’t… what?
I know in a way this omission of the verb may suggest a sort of speechlessness/brain BSOD but for some reason it still pushes my grammatical hot button. Stop that! I’d rather you not say anything and stick an angry face (or, hell, even one of those fugly trollfaces) instead of this crap.

That is all. *bow*