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Maximum No-Heat

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Hello winter, or what passes for it in California. I mean, I dig this cold weather and all, but… could you be a little more gentle about it? Bro and I don’t take very kindly to being railroaded with OMGCOLD. (He gets hardcore joint pain and such, I get bad headcolds from sudden temperature changes which makes things like showering a bit dangerous) I’ma need an IV of hot chocolate or, better yet, an infinitely-regenerating pizza if I want to not turn into an instant ice cube. Frozen Yoshi is not fun Yoshi, you know.

Also, as usual, Thanksgiving can go die in a fire. I think I’m the only person in the world who never cared for that holiday and welcomes the early arrival of holiday decorations. TROLOLOLOLO EXCESSIVE COMMERCIALIZATION and whatnot. I just like all the light displays and such. (Also? Totally an excuse to rock “Antidote” from FFT.)

I hit, uh, a bit of a snag in .hack//REPLAY… to the tune of stupidly not saving into a different slot after the Corbenik fight. While screening the raw videos for errors and such, my capture of Corbenik loses sound about halfway into the second phase. Yeeeeah. I was going to suck it up and do a QUARANTINE speed run so I could redo that capture but HELLO FLASH FREEZE SO COLD I CAN HARDLY MOVE OMG. Must defrost, and quickly…

Yeah, you… not-California people, go ahead and laugh, I’m getting all coldhurt over 46F. Again, it wouldn’t be so bad if it were rolled out a little more slowly… but then again, California is not one to do weather change subtly. See: pretty much every heat wave, ever, really.

Now for some awesomesauce. Once again, the Ramen gets plugged in NSFW— not once, but TWICE! Lookie~

It’s about 1:0038 in– first they run my Super Mario World piece and then my “lol Beavis and Butthead” bit. And, and… they say my name! *Subtitle: Superfluous Vanity Moment!*
Next time, hopefully I can get a Twitter plug, too. ;D

Also, the VA nerds among us may want to watch the next episode coming up on Tuesday, since the guest on deck is Tara Strong (FFX’s Rikku, ToS’s Presea and ToL’s Norma, to name a few). :D :D :D

In other news, California still sucks at summer

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

This heat needs to GTFO. My weather widgets on Blastoise and Dinah are claiming that it’ll hit 102F in Fontana on Friday. BOO THIS SUMMER. Not only is this keeping me from Pomona, but I’m just bored out of my mind. Only spinning out the ramen (and, of course, wasting time in WoW) has kept me sane, blah.

(BTW, if you like the purdy pictures and want to buy your way up the Ramen queue, please consider tossing a few coins into the Magic Coin Block to keep it on life support until this weather stops being dumb so I can break out my Reserve Block from that backwater Pomona credit union. $20 for a single, or $50 for 3, as usual… or if you don’t know what you want and still want to help, you can still toss in coins and get credit towards Gourmet Ramen slots that you can claim later. END SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION)

Did Little Caesar’s tweak its recipe, or did I just luck out this time? I usually avoid them because they’re barely worth the $5 (they taste OK, but get cold way too quickly and the boxes are poorly insulated, which is really bad if mother takes her time bringing it back here) but this time it was actually a notch or two above “edible.” :P

Papa Johns and Costco are still the winners, though. >_>;

This is going to sound really odd, but I require the input of the internets here. I promise this will make sense later, but please answer: On the great Alignment grid, where would you put me? Said chart originates from D&D but can be applied to not only any fictional work but even the shenanigans of real life, too.

Needs more Varia Suit

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

102F in Fontana today. :(

I know, it’s, what, 120+ in Texas and such? “Cry moar, Yoshi,” etc. etc.
Still, heat waves are boo, and this one is so poorly timed. Still haven’t been able to go to the credit union to break out my CD and my bank account is making angry faces at me for me to feed it more coins. Also I was really wanting to bug [info]brendala about going out this week, but because I am a total wimp in anything resembling hot weather, that is definitely not happening. Boooooo.

Epic squiggly-line-ball of argh is not epic enough. Buh. At least this time we have working A/C so I’m not frying my brains out indoors. :P

In other, nomtasty news, I did loot Papa Johns’ Premium Pepperoni event pizza (which is basically their version of Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni Lover’s) a couple days ago. While it’s common knowledge that promotional food photography should NEVER be trusted, needless to say they don’t exactly pile on the pepperoni as the pictures claim. They do, however, use mega-sized deli pepperoni slices on the upper layer. If I recall correctly, the last time Papa Johns brought out the huge pepperoni was… what, when they were promoting the King Kong remake? (The Kong XL, I think it was called.) All the same, I hope this is made a permanent topping option– they did, after all, keep John’s Favorite. :D