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Always late to the party

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Been writing some here and there as of late. Some fic-blurblets related to RT and such (and it’s not substantial enough to justify sticking on Across Universe… yet), podcast-y stubs, and other such blah that I’m sure to revisit soon and make public.

And here is where the title of this post becomes relevant. “Wait, why am I opening Word? That takes forever to load on Dinah. I should give that Google Docs thing a whirl…”
And, dude, this is actually kind of neat. No having to pass or reach around the network to grab documents, so as long as my internets are up. Hell, I could even upload my existing Word and TXT stuff (although much of it is long outdated). Why the smoo have I ignored Google Docs until now? Slow Yoshi is sloooooooooooooooooow.

Only way this gets more awesome is if Google makes, like, a Painter clone.
…knowing Google, I wouldn’t put it past them to try it… especially considering the bloated disaster that is the most recent version of Painter (11, released in ’09 and sucked so much I went back to v10).

Meowch: Kestine and the other kitties went to the vet (and they hired a third doctor! Good for them, it means they’re pulling in lots of business). The females all checked out, but Kestine’s ear/nose/throat issues (via dribbly eye) persist and this newbie vet decided she wants to ferret out the source of it once and for all.

It’s possible he may have kitty asthma, and as much boo as it is to be sick, for some reason this doesn’t bother me so much. I guess it’s, like… considering he spent part of his first 9 months of life on the street, he could have picked up something much, MUCH worse than asthma (or he could have been born with it?) and much like human asthma it’s quite manageable. But we won’t know for sure what it really is until he gets another xray next week.

Kitty asthma. Blame my weird imagination, but this makes me imagine Kestine as some fat mouth-breather with thick glasses. Putting aside that as a boy kitty he is naturally bigger… what the hell, self. Being the tubby nerd is MY job! o_o;

I think Evil Stepfather’s turned into General Carter (Disgaea 1)… at least by appearance. Dude’s got that same kind of ‘stache (narrow, but at the same time too bushy to be a Hitler ‘stache). Of course, Evil Stepfather sounds more like Edward James Olmos than Bob Papenbrook, but you get the idea. Head. Breaking.

Cats and Zombies

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Kestine Day – 7/10

The upside to House Ayarane being dominated by pets is that their birthdays carry the same significance as those of the human residents. As in… loot and food!

Kestine is 3 years old today, that sleepy orange punk, and he’s getting a new nametag (his collar broke and went missing a couple weeks ago), and I’m pretty sure there’s some nomtasty kitty treats too (he gobbles up the chicken-flavored Natural Temptations like cookies). As for the humans? Totally an excuse for cake and pizza. :P

Yet another reason why my cat is awesome

Friday, January 15th, 2010

I wake up to Kestine trying to drag over one of the lighter blankets by the corner in his mouth. My groggy mind interprets this as him trying to bring me a blanket.

NOPE. Dude flops right in the middle and starts wiggling and such on his back, all paws up ‘n such. Pity my phone’s charging down the hall, else I’d get a pic. XD

Also I think he likes my liar shirt (“No I will not fix your computer,” which is of course a big fat lie but I like the sass anyway) a bit too much, since he was all kneading on it and even face-shoving on it. Silly cat.

I’ma doze a little more, to sleep off the squee-over from yesterday… @_@

Stupidly adorable stuff my cat does, part… something

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

In many respects I still consider myself a newbie cat owner, as I’ve only had cats for a couple of years. At the same time, I realize that every cat is unique. I am fortunate that my first and current kitty is considered the sweetest, most well-behaved cat EVER, and every so often he’ll start some new behavior that is just… ridiculously cute.

In this case, Kestine’s latest thing is to physically crawl on and sit on my chest if I’m sitting on a reclining chair. Blatantly attention-seeking? Oh yes. (Fortunately, if I’m sitting in one of those chairs… it is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that I’m doing something that requires significant attention. Only thing I could think of is if I were playing my DS or PSP, but those I could easily set aside for a few minutes.) But it seems there’s something more to this… because once I start petting him or what-have-you, he is not only already purring, but he’ll actually knead my shirt or cloak or whatever I happen to be wearing.

It is, of course, SLIGHTLY uncomfortable when he’s walking around on me (it’s a weight distribution thing… you try having a 13-pound cat walk on your chest! Oof!) but hardly noticeable when he sits/lies down and, more importantly, he knows not to use his claws. :P

Is this kitty for “hug tiem nao?” Because that’s the closest translation I can come up with. Whatever the case, it’s just stupidly adorable. :P

This is a post about cats. Mine, specifically.

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Nothing better to do (aside from Ramen), so while I nom on Jack in the Box… time for a useless post about the cats that dwell in House Ayarane.

Kestine: Everyone calls him Yellow Kitty for some reason. He’s the oldest cat (2 years) and while he’s not particularly playful with other cats he will chase (and be chased by) Daisy sometimes. Since he is specifically mine, he tends to gravitate towards me if I’m within view– he’ll get in bed with me and curl up on a side pillow for awhile (or try to rub his face on the corners of Dinah’s monitor lid), or hop up on the side table when I’m on Blastoise and rub his face on things or try to yank ketchup packets out of my condiment bag, or, most adorably, lie in a loaf position on the upper edge of the couch, then hop down and curl up next to me while I watch TV. Kestine is not really big on toys, he much prefers to be petted and will tolerate being held for about a minute. He has a “search meow” that he’ll do if he’s looking for me. He also purrs easily and it is so powerful that you can hear it from across the room. Freaking Barry White-grade purr…

Daisy: The little diva queen. Very, VERY nosy! Even though Kestine is bigger, Daisy will give him crap anyway (usually kicking him off the cat towers) and swat at him if he comes sniffing her butt. :P She’s usually quiet until OMG FOOD, at which she’ll pace around and meow lots and lots until the food bowl is set. While she’ll tolerate attention from LOL BULLDOGS, she quickly finds herself overpowered by the evil wiggly puppies (who just want to sumo-tackle and sniff her). It’s hilarious to see Daisy fleeing from BabyGirl and doing her annoyed meow, as if to say “Ugh, go away!”

Chloe: NINJA CAT! Like Daisy, it seems that Chloe may be naturally small when she matures. She’s freaking hyper, dashing all over the place, tackling and jumping and swatting… She also has what I call a “query purr,” used to either get attention or solicit some kind of response from another cat or human. Evil wiggly puppies are spooky to her. Chloe likes to get on your shoulder or bat at hair if it’s long enough.

Betty: She’s a combination of Daisy and Kestine as far as personality goes. She has kind of a diva-like meow but she’s much more “love meeee~” and is very tolerant of being picked up and cuddled, more than even Kestine. If she’s familiar with you, she’ll actually go back and forth with you if you meow at her. It’s really cute. XD She has a “rolling purr” that sounds like rolling marbles in a sack. In other ways, she is somewhat reminiscent of [info]brendala‘s cat… can’t put my finger on what, specifically.