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In which Yoshi is still a WoW-tard

Monday, July 12th, 2010

In the Warcrafts, I have 4 level 80s: Yoshial (root: Yoshi Ayarane), Lesalia (root: Leslie Due), Philionel (root: Phil Ayarane) and Reimarael (root: Rei Dragonia). One by one I’m getting ’em flung into Icecrown Citadel– excuse me, ICE CREAM CITADEL, because I want tasty zombie ice cream and that Lich King is a bastard for hoarding all the good stuff.
Oh, and recipes too. Not so efficient to funnel all requests for ICC craftables through my brother, who until now has been the only raider in the guild and is not always on when stuff is needed to be made, not to mention he can’t make cloth gear… so now I’ll be helping out on that front. Woo!

hurr durr, yes, I totally jacked that ice cream nickname from The Instance but only because it is just that awesome. :P

Something stupidly hilarious occurred to me this morning… the penultimate boss in ICC is Sindragosa. Big freaking zombie dragon. You know… kinda like Ridley, except all icy and slightly dead-er.
My hunter (Reimarael) stems from the Rei Dragonia root character… and some would claim that Rei was kinda-sorta based on Samus Aran. (This is partially true.)

Oh yeah.
See where I’m going with this? XD
(If I pop Rapid Fire, I can kind of replicate the “spam missiles forever” trope that’s been the staple of just about every Ridley encounter, teehee)
Soooo, yeah. Rei vs. Sindragosa needs to happen, and I am totally rocking the appropriate music when I get there. Bonus points if I get a gun upgrade beforehand!

The other thing that is rofltastic about raiding is hearing all the botched pronunciations of my character names when everyone piles on Ventrilo. You would think they’d be self-explanatory… or enough to where people would know to truncate them. Oh well. (I did have one person ask if I was referencing the city in FFT when I brought in Lesalia for an ICC10 run…)
Oddly enough, the only one who DOESN’T get name-mangled is old man Phil, because everyone defaults to calling him Phil anyway. Also? The WTF reaction when the PUG raiders find out that the old dude priest is played by a girl? GOLD. I’m not the type to do things for lulz, but… yeah, that’s pretty hilarious. I mean, it’s commonplace to have dudes playing female characters and even on voice chat that doesn’t seem to affect much, but turn the tables and it just totally bamboozles people up the nose.

WTB Blessing of Fortitude :(

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

So, uh, my ankles and feet used to be all swollen and such. Not anymore. Yay?

…not quite. Awesome as some visible sign of weight loss may be (along with a noticeable stamina boost), it comes with an extremely painful companiom– my lower legs are itchy as hell and I can’t put any pressure on them (roughly below the shin to the ankle) without it being OMFG OW. I don’t have any pain/itch cream right now so the best I can do is reapply lotion and keep a cool cloth on it when possible, and unless I’m up and about (and not for very long because of burning due to clothes contact) I’ve been in bed. I can still log into WoW and such from Yggdrasil but aside from auction house I can’t do much via a DiNovo Mini keyboard…

I don’t know. Did I do something wrong, is it a freak occurrence or is this just what happens and I have to suck it up? Can’t get to a doctor until early July (which I have to do anyway to reup my synthroid). Mother is no help, of course, refusing to believe I’m actually do anything (I am, just under the table else I’d trip the Drama Monster alarm and she wouldn’t believe me anyway). WTF. What did she think I was doing, scaling back my food, getting up from my desk more often and such? I was on the verge of starting daily morning walks until this burning nonsense started up and, well, it just seems a bit unwise to do that for the moment. Ow…

I wasn’t even going to document any of this, either. See, I take issue with the weight loss culture… I hate the attention and how it can make people crazy obsessive. (Ever see that one commercial where the lady is all “look at me, doods, I look GOOD.” Ugh, that “toddler beating on a drum” mentality, do not want.) I will not buy into that insanity. I will not become those people who in the process of losing weight become attention whores. Just… no. All I want is to be able to get in and out of the Yoshi Car without feeling like much of a squashed marshmallow, and maybe be able to walk a bit without being wiped out. I know that in going it alone I lose out on any kind of support system and such, but I don’t think I could take all the attention it would invite… Is it strange to think that?

Well, so much for doing that discreetly… That’s all I’ll say on the subject for now.

In other news, I cleared FFXIII the other day. :) I’ll do a more, ah, spoiler-laden post later, but for now… is it me, or is Fang the new Balthier? (One could make the same argument for Snow, too.)

An exercise in wasted, misdirected hate

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

I don’t really call myself a Lady Gaga fan (despite a couple podcasts on TWiT busting out Bad Romance and Poker Face, which are stuck in my head), but I saw this trainwreck of a “parody” linked on the Twitter. And, well…

Really, dood? Putting aside the horrible compression on this (worse than what YouTube is normally capable of, though it looks like it may have been recaptured from another source)… really? So much effort put into what amounts to little more than spiteful taunting. Of course, this comes from Westboro Baptist, so it’d certainly be too much to ask for them to, you know, redirect all that flame-fanning and hate into something more constructive.

I won’t even touch on the severely malformed religious fail in here. *facepalm*

My chair’s support ring is broken. Well, crap. I dropped, like, $150 on this thing and I’ve only had it for a little under 6 months. Hopefully I can get a replacement ring or otherwise get it fixed (I’ve got a giant freaking blue ball to sit on in the meantime, but…). Failing that, I’ma need a lot more pillows, specially a toddler pillow, they are so comfy I love them! :\