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Ear-piercing Bark

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Allcaps is not enough!

The third of the three Bulldogs of the Apocalypse. (I dunno who’s Noise, Headbutting, and Flatulence. I think they share or take turns on all three.) Louie is… supposedly named after the third of the three Duck Triplets of Disney fame. Where BabyGirl’s bark has multiple syllables and Wilson’s is a deeper, more guttural woof, Louie’s is just… ear-piercing. And often times he does it just to be a troll.

This painting I did in an all-night session. I think I only took one longer break to get some ramen because I’d been at it so long, but I knew that if I’d stopped and resumed the next day it’d take much longer to get going again… and it would dog (huh huh) me so I couldn’t sleep. THUS!

That ramen bowl was about… 6 hours ago, I think. Now I’m hungry again. D’oh!

Spoiled White Female… Dog

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014


This is not a thinly-veiled gendered slur. She really is a coddled little (hah) pup, all white with some small spots, mostly concentrated on the ears. But… yeah, spoiled! Prime example: when my mother is on the computer, this dog does the most entitled-sounding whine-that’s-almost-a-bark, as if to say “mooooom! pay attention to me!” and it’s the most obnoxious thing ever, and even though my mother snaps at her to stop it, she later gives in and cuddles her.

That’s BabyGirl.

Who the hell names their dog “BabyGirl” and doesn’t expect them to be a noisy, spoiled princess, anyway?

In any case, this is the second of three bulldog paintings. The last one’s being done tomorrow.

By the way, I caved and friended my mother on Facebook. (She had already put my account on follow since I was in the hospital.) I can certainly look forward to being bombarded by (what do you expect) bulldog pictures up the nose. But she mentioned trying pass along potential Gourmet Ramen clients (because man, do those bulldog owners love their swag), so I guess I can tolerate it. These dog paintings are also easy to do, even at HD size.

Giant Bowl of Noodles

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

Woof. Trees are weird. Toot-toot!
Toot! Human After All Who says there aren't dog ladies?
Keke! Sonic Screwdriver not included. But not without a paddle!

You’ve likely seen these already via Twitter and Facebook, but any excuse for a repost is good enough! Plus this blog needs to stop being giant walls of text. Boring! (Especially considering it’s owned by a painter…)

All of these were done on commission. While I’m taking a short break before actively tweet-trawling for more clients, I’m pretty much always available for some pixel-flingin’.

ALSO: If you haven’t already and you’re the Facebookin’ type, please like and share Instant Ramen Sketchbook’s FB page!

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Gourmet Trio of Pink

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

We interrupt your summer shenanigans for a massive serving of…
Gourmet Ramen: Chelsea Torn Gourmet Ramen: Avatar Asuka Gourmet Ramen: Chelsea and GatewayPink.
Lots of it. Well, some red, too, but HOLY CRAP ALL THE PINK.

This was a Gourmet Ramen (commission), hence it got shoved up in the queue. You, too, can buy your way to the top; if you want to commission a piece (or 3), leave a comment or DM me on Twitter or harass me however you normally do with what you want. $20 for a single, or 3 for $50! (There’s also the “2 for $35” but the above two are the most popular. Basically, if you order in multiples with a minimum of 2, take off $5 per add.)
Digital delivery only, but you do get the original layered PSD to play with as you like. :)

Anywho, for the moment, looks like the summer shenanigans will continue. It’s only the 17th, so there should be time for at least two more. The final summer vacation piece will involve fireworks… and Meteor Storm. >:D