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Ohgod I can see

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

1) Sears Optical sucks and apparently the one in North Fontana’s had a history of issuing bad glasses. My previous pair were WAAAAY under spec, geez. Despite being a couple weeks out of warranty, I’ve been advised to go back and demand either a refund or a replacement pair. I don’t think it’ll work but I suppose I should try anyhow… since I did dump $220-ish on them >_>;

2) Speaking of prices, LensCrafters is no longer made of GOUGE AND OVERPRICE. Maybe it’s because I’m using different materials this time (see #3) but I paid less for both the glasses and exam combined than I did for just the Sears Optical glasses. And they had this new pair ready in an hour (because there was NOOOOO way I was going to wait, like, two weeks x_x). Yeah, totally coming back here for future upgrades, even if having to hoof it through Ontario Mills wears me out. XD;

3) I am apparently allergic to polycarbonate lenses. I owe Bren lots of tasty food for suggesting that allergies might be involved. If this had been just a bad script, it would have been tolerable… but bad script + allergies = HELL. So… no more polycarbonates for me, either plastic (which I have now) or glass from now on.

4) Minor bacterial infection in my right eye from having to wipe it down so much. Advised to scrub both eyes with diluted baby shampoo for the next few days.

So, uh, yay me? This new pair is a bit on the thick side… not that I give much stock to appearances, I’m just glad these work PERIOD. Also no annoying nose pieces, meaning they’ll slide occasionally, but I’ve ways of fixing that.

I’ll, um, need to take a new picture to slap on Facebook and AP and such, since these are radically different than previous pairs.

Can’t see a damn thing

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

These glasses have GOT to go. I was fine this morning until I put them on, and within minutes… WATEEEER AND BUUUUURN.


Screw you Sears Optical. I can barely see what I’m typing, and I’m resisting turning on Blastoise’s text magnify… though that’s because I’m about to leave right now anyway. Hopefully this is all legible.

First to Wells Fargo to NOMNOMNOM on my CD. Taking out $6000 plus the accumulated interest and going to freaking LensCrafter since they can do same-day even though they’re sure to gouge me, but at the same time the 10-day wait at Wal-Mart and Sears and others is BRUTAL if I have to go without any kind of glasses.

(No, don’t have my old pairs anymore… I drop them into the charity bins whenever I get a new pair.)

It burns x.x

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

….totally getting my eyes checked again. Both of my eyes have been watering, but my right eye is getting to be quite bothersome. Not only is it watering up ALL THE TIME but now it decides to burn. It’s annoying to wipe it down every few minutes.

Fortunately, this Friday I have to go to the bank to renew my CD anyway, and I was goint to transfer monies into checking to reload… so I’ll see if I can get to an optometrist afterward. Not going back to Sears Optical, I think their associated optometrist did a rush job with my current glasses since the left lens is already useless. Mother is suggesting Costco this time. I really hope they do same-day/walk-ins, I don’t mind waiting. >_>;;;

It is very, very likely that I’ll be upgrading Blastoise’s video card within the next couple of weeks.
Um… I’m running a 450W PSU here. My lazy side would like to avoid having to swap that out for a bigger one if possible, but, again, that’s the lazy option. XD I’ll just have to suck it up in terms of yanking all the power cables and such. Thankfully Blastoise is, like, the easiest computer EVER to work on (no, really… he was laughably easy to assemble compared to everyone else except Synergy, who is more or less the same exact machine save for the sound card).

Anywho… going nVidia as usual. Ideally something with at least 512mb on it; more is definitely better since I’m running dual monitors and that cuts my uisable memory in half. (And before anyone says it, I will never ever EVER go back to single monitor mode on Blastoise, I’m too spoiled by the awesomeness of two)
SO, fellow nVidia fanboys… anything in particular I should be looking at? I admit I haven’t kept up with graphics news (last I recall, nVidia was going to patch in PhysX support, and that was awhile ago). I can afford to splurge a bit if need be, especially if I end up getting a 1GB card, so don’t hold back over price unless it’s over $500.