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Lazy Bloggers

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

Okay, I am apparently all kinds of terrible at posting here. Well! That’s going to get fixed soon enough.


What HAVE I been up to, anyway? Uhm… not a whole lot, really. Being kind of a forced shut-in has made things take a turn for the majorly-boring (and depressing, since I’m direct witness to all the parental drama). Even though I’ve regained my mobility since before I was hospitalized (and then some!), it’s been decided for me that I’m “too weak” to go out or learn to drive again, and apparently the comfort of dogs trumps my need to be able to get around the house to see my cat, of all things, so I’ve been stuck in this non-bedroom of a Birdcage. I can’t even get Blastoise moved down here because there isn’t enough room in this rathole to set him up properly, so I’ve had to use Dinah exclusively. Not having dual monitors sucks! (Dinah’s ability to output to an HDTV via HDMI doesn’t count, it’s too far away to function effectively as a second monitor.)

On the upside, I did nab a Wii U for Yoshi Day. (Wow, did THAT one pass without me even posting about it. Well, here’s why: what should have been an awesome 30th birthday got TOTALLY tainted by stupid narcissist parent drama.) Specifically, I got the Mario and Luigi bundle, the one that has New SMB U (and the Luigi DLC). Still need to loot Mario Kart 8, which I can probably afford after taking all these Gourmet Ramen commissions.

Yeah, that’s right, I’ve been painting again, primarily Gourmet Ramen stuff because, well, I really do need money! Try as mother may, getting people to believe I’m “disabled forever” is not happening and the process of getting SSI/disability approved is slower than molasses. (Though, I guess deep down, I kinda want this, because some part of me thinks that if I get disability, I’ll have “given up.” And also be “cheating” because mother wants to pass off my thyroid problems and other not-disability-worthy stuff as evidence I’m supposedly disabled, and if she gets her way I feel like I’d be taking resources away from people who are legit-disabled.) ANYWAY. Because “normal work” is a bitch to find and painting is one of the only two things I’m good at anyway– the other being PC building– I’ve been trawling Twitter and the Diamond Club community for any takers for Gourmet Ramen commissions, to some success. So far I’ve made… enough to pay up my WoW account until next year, which is a start! I need to pile up more, though, because the renewal for this site’s hosting comes up in late October.

…which leads to now.

I need to, uh, do something about the design of AP. There’s obviously some outdated widgets and side pages I need to fix up, and possibly see about a newer layout down the line. Also WOW, has this domain really been around for, what, 13-ish years? I also missed the 10-year anniversary of Instant Ramen Sketchbook (which began the day I got my first tablet, that ratty old Aiptek, bless its parts!) D’oh!

I’m no longer posting to LiveJournal, since it seems, like, nearly all of my readership from that has moved onto places like Twitter and Facebook. I’m just going to have to be more proactive about posting here directly and better integrating my social media stuff into this blog (which goes back into repairing/replacing widgets and things).

Sooo, watch this blog! Again!

In which Yoshi gets her grammar hate on

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

On the internets, I like to, you know, at least make some attempt to remember the spelling/grammar/mechanics that got drilled into my head in grade school, but I’m generally forgiving of others. That said, I have… well, they go farther than “pet peeve” territory, and right into “No, you stop that, you stop that right now.”

The first is the use of LOL as punctuation.
Do this and with few exceptions you’re likely to go on my “this dood is a dim-witted stupidface, don’t take him seriously” list. Seriously, are you stupid enough to find everything funny? You are no Beavis and Butthead.

The other has been cropping up more and more, typically in, uh… let’s just say where you would expect to find displays of feminist/political outrage though I’m sure this form of nonsense can appear anywhere:

“I can’t”
“I can’t even”
“I just cannot with this nonsense”

WHERE’S THE VERB? You stop there without the verb. You can’t… what?
I know in a way this omission of the verb may suggest a sort of speechlessness/brain BSOD but for some reason it still pushes my grammatical hot button. Stop that! I’d rather you not say anything and stick an angry face (or, hell, even one of those fugly trollfaces) instead of this crap.

That is all. *bow*

Boo of the Day

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Huh… coulda sworn I did another public post recently. Oh well. Oddly enough, this is yet ANOTHER Domino’s post.

Boy, I knew they were going to screw up eventually, but not like this! So, I had epic craving for chicken parmesan sammiches and everyone was out for the day (appointments and errands). So, time to ring up Domino’s! Well, ping them, actually.

I kinda had a bad feeling about ordering out while home alone… sometimes what happens is that mother brings home dinner without telling me and… uh, yeah, that’s awkward. Instead, it’s Domino’s that screws up: they got the pizza right (sliced sausage is, in fact, quite nomtasty), but… well, look!

What is wrong with this picture? Well, there is no sauce for one thing. (I don’t mind sauce! Really! It’s supposed to be here, as is standard for chicken parmesan-anything.) Also… ham/bacon pieces. WTF? That’s not even an option in the sandwich builder– there’s only options about sauce, chicken and cheese load. Nothing REMOTELY suggesting bacon and/or ham. Um… yeah. Sorry to say, Dominos, but this gets you Boo of the Day, and BECAUSE this is the day before Yoshi Day, you get Double Penalty.

Partial boo on me because I shoulda checked while I was accepting the delivery, but it was soooo hot out and the driver looked like he didn’t want to stand in the heat that long either. Nonetheless, I’ve filed a complaint via Dominos’ Cares (corporate support) and if you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll see I’ve made a scene up in there, too. Whether or not they refund me or give me free pizza credit, I don’t care… I can salvage the sandwiches to make them edible (it’s just a matter of plucking off the ham/bacon pieces and I’ve extra marinara modules from Jack in the Box), but that this happened at all is very much boo. I really hope this was just some weird server bug, and not, say, some employee who thought it would be funny to pull an early April Fools prank on me. >:(

This is, of course, not a Boo of the Day without the appropriate BOO THIS MAN, so without further ado…


There is a happy, albeit totally unrelated end. As far as I knew, this Yoshi Day was going to be just epic cake and me being lazy… but I’ve gotten 3 loot notices, and one of them is supposed to hit TODAY. (Slow UPS truck is slow. I’m assuming, therefore, it is NOT a cookie bomb, since those are usually classified as time-sensitive/perishable, no?) Hardcore yay points to [info]neophoenixte, [info]brendala and [info]a_cha. :D Seriously, out of left field (and after today’s boo moment, much-needed) and awesomesauce! I promised a Skype-based unboxing for Neo’s loot as soon as he gets off work (unless I can get a Justin.TV stream going since it auto-archives…), but I’ll try to get YouTubes of the other unboxings as they come in. :D

Apple to booby-apps: GTFO, all of you

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Apple Haet Boobies (via Gizmodo)

I know, doubletalk coming from someone who just freaking posted a sexy FE bromide.
But seriously, good on Apple for this. I know they’re going to get a lot of “OMG CENSORSHIP” flack for disallowing any kind of “half-assed, not-porn-but-you-get-the-idea” apps in their store, but… really, they just look REALLY TACKY and probably sold like crap anyway, since anyone who wanted their booby pics were only setting themselves up for disappointment. People, if you want your porn, the iPhone/iPod touch already has an app for that, it’s called Safari!

Now, if only Apple would tell those fart generator apps to GTFO, those also need to go.

Another Lost Machine

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010


Would it kill you to, like, not download every shiny piece of garbage floating around the internets?
Especially since they tend to result in your machine getting hijacked by one of those “fake antivirus” virii.
Failing that… could you at least keep your antivirus software updated?

The machine I got summoned to rescue was one that I’d built. It’s a gut punch for me if I can’t save an ailing machine. It’s a DOUBLE gut punch if it’s one that I built! x_x Mayhaps if I’d gotten to Reuben earlier (I was able to save Filia since I got called in before the damage became too widespread)… but no, he is a lost machine because of the severity of his infection and his age. Boooooo.

Welp, at least I got food out of it. (nom nom nom)

New SMB Wii multiplayer = OMFG.

It’s way harder than if you’re alone. XD Yet, the chaos of everyone bumping and jumping off each other (and often into a pit) is oddly amusing.
Ah… it looks like some 1up-farming may be in order here. XD If Mario and Luigi go hatlass at 99 lives, does the same happen to the two Toads?

The iPhone app says my chair is already in Ontario, but the normal trackers say it’s still in Illinois. >_>;