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Apple to booby-apps: GTFO, all of you

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Apple Haet Boobies (via Gizmodo)

I know, doubletalk coming from someone who just freaking posted a sexy FE bromide.
But seriously, good on Apple for this. I know they’re going to get a lot of “OMG CENSORSHIP” flack for disallowing any kind of “half-assed, not-porn-but-you-get-the-idea” apps in their store, but… really, they just look REALLY TACKY and probably sold like crap anyway, since anyone who wanted their booby pics were only setting themselves up for disappointment. People, if you want your porn, the iPhone/iPod touch already has an app for that, it’s called Safari!

Now, if only Apple would tell those fart generator apps to GTFO, those also need to go.

Another Lost Machine

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010


Would it kill you to, like, not download every shiny piece of garbage floating around the internets?
Especially since they tend to result in your machine getting hijacked by one of those “fake antivirus” virii.
Failing that… could you at least keep your antivirus software updated?

The machine I got summoned to rescue was one that I’d built. It’s a gut punch for me if I can’t save an ailing machine. It’s a DOUBLE gut punch if it’s one that I built! x_x Mayhaps if I’d gotten to Reuben earlier (I was able to save Filia since I got called in before the damage became too widespread)… but no, he is a lost machine because of the severity of his infection and his age. Boooooo.

Welp, at least I got food out of it. (nom nom nom)

New SMB Wii multiplayer = OMFG.

It’s way harder than if you’re alone. XD Yet, the chaos of everyone bumping and jumping off each other (and often into a pit) is oddly amusing.
Ah… it looks like some 1up-farming may be in order here. XD If Mario and Luigi go hatlass at 99 lives, does the same happen to the two Toads?

The iPhone app says my chair is already in Ontario, but the normal trackers say it’s still in Illinois. >_>;

Chilly Writer’s Block

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Do you think society puts too much pressure on people to be in relationships and/or have children? Do you think this ostracizes people who would be perfectly content to remain single and/or child-free? Is this pressure worse around the holidays?

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Yes. And quite frankly, they can go eff themselves.

I have never wanted children because of the barely-not-considered-abuse-but-sure-as-hell-feels-like-it that continues to haunt me. Not only have I never felt I had anything to offer a child, I often catch myself having horrible thoughts I dare not repeat here when I see or hear children…. even if it’s on TV. Mother used to “bingo” me about the subject of children before but she has since accepted that I will not change my mind (which partially explains her going overboard with pets– not only are they meant to replace me and my siblings, but also the grandkids that never will be).

Also as horrible as this sounds… I have an aversion to pregnant women and new mothers. Among other things I don’t feel like mentioning here, they tend to look upon me like I’m a bad person, someone to be avoided, as if my presence could be toxic to their offspring. Maybe they’re right. But, it goes both ways… A small part of me can’t help but wonder if they will fall for the easily-sprung trap that awaits them, the one in which they lose their personalities and become so absorbed in their children that they themselves just disappear. I find the prospect of that frightening beyond words. I have enough existential crises as is, I don’t want another one.

As for relationships…. no more, barring a miracle that I’ve lost hope in. I’ve failed too many times and been worn down too much to even want to try again. I just don’t have the will to do it anymore. Every time I failed it’s like more and more of me dies off and sinks into the abyss… and I’m only 25. Not to mention, who the hell (beyond chubby-chasers) could look upon me without being driven to revulsion?

I realize this is all the talk of someone with no backbone and no self-confidence and that a good chunk of it can be disregarded as such, but is there not some truth to it as well? That if there is no desire and the potential for worse things, maybe it’s safer to abstain? I mean, shit, I get weird looks if I as much as admit to liking a celebrity or something… it’s like people think it’s bizarre for me to even have those thoughts (or weirder yet, they think I’m a lesbian because I simply do not talk about having any interest in men– but at the same time, that’s better than being made fun of or worse if they knew otherwise…).

So, relationships and children… no. Do not want. I would rather live quietly with my cats. Go forth and propagate as you will, I’ll have no part of it.

I like cold weather but this is absurd. Blastoise is unusable as a Ramen machine because his room is too damn cold. So I’m on Iggy, bundled up in 2 cloaks and 3 blankets (and it turns out our heater really IS broken and not mother BSing it as she has previously done), trying to thaw enough to do much other than watch TV. Tempted to wake Dinah just to use her as a hand-warmer, FFS. x_x

I ported the Snowscheme PSD over to Iggy in case I thaw enough to color the current WIP. Brr.

Aw smoo, there’s a new patch for WoW today? Must defrost so I can patch. Gah!

Some things I thought you should know

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

– Autumn? Pfft. SoCal SO did not get the memo. Still freaking 100F here. Booooooo.

– My circuit breaker hates me. T_T Or rather, it hates me if I use the microwave in my laboratory. Unless it’s for VERY short bursts, it’ll cut power to my room… ah… good thing I wasn’t working on anything at the time (I was just waiting for Countdown to start so I microwaved one of my spaghetti trays… and zoop! Power’s gone.) It would bother me less if the circuit breaker was not out of reach behind all this junk in the garage, there is a reason why I get car lifts for garages all the time! x_x I had to go through two puppy gates, Evil Stepfather was glaring at me (since I had to pass within his line of sight, which is apparently ILLEGAL) and it was all for nothing since I couldn’t freaking get to the circuit breaker.

This won’t be so much of a problem when I build Yggdrasil next month since Blastoise won’t be on so much and thus he and the microwave won’t be competing for juice… but this is still a massive BOOOOOO.

– Can we please, PLEASE delete any and all footage of Tom DeLay’s ass from existence? Holy hell that is scary. T_T Even Aethflash is preferable to such a horrible sight. Also DeLay has ruined “Wild Thing” FOREVER.

– Why does Evil Stepfather STILL not get that yelling at the dogs to shut up will only make them bark more? MORON. He has a can of compressed air, he needs to freaking use it already.

– LJ Edition: I like using these new Etna and Flonne icons WAY too much.

– Finally… who is a new fan of Craig Ferguson? Me. :D He was on Countdown a couple days ago, so I figured… why not?
I’d previously just left the channel on 4 after Conan; Jimmy Fallon was okay in a dorky-amusing kind of way, but this guy is even funnier. Dude, CROCODILE PUPPET! XD
Yoshi = as always, behind the times. Oh well, better late to the party than never!

How to get on my bad side before the day begins

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Yes, I get up late on service days, since I don’t get a chance to nap later on. Rather than come downstairs to request food, then go back up to shower, I shower first and try to have stuff ready before coming downstairs. Stop lecturing me about “keeping weird hours,” especially when you’re the one staying up until 3am cooing over puppies.

And for the last time, I’m NOT going to eat a $300 penalty just to can the insurance contract early, it’s cheaper to just wait until the term is up and close it out at renewal. >_<