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This is a post about cats. Mine, specifically.

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Nothing better to do (aside from Ramen), so while I nom on Jack in the Box… time for a useless post about the cats that dwell in House Ayarane.

Kestine: Everyone calls him Yellow Kitty for some reason. He’s the oldest cat (2 years) and while he’s not particularly playful with other cats he will chase (and be chased by) Daisy sometimes. Since he is specifically mine, he tends to gravitate towards me if I’m within view– he’ll get in bed with me and curl up on a side pillow for awhile (or try to rub his face on the corners of Dinah’s monitor lid), or hop up on the side table when I’m on Blastoise and rub his face on things or try to yank ketchup packets out of my condiment bag, or, most adorably, lie in a loaf position on the upper edge of the couch, then hop down and curl up next to me while I watch TV. Kestine is not really big on toys, he much prefers to be petted and will tolerate being held for about a minute. He has a “search meow” that he’ll do if he’s looking for me. He also purrs easily and it is so powerful that you can hear it from across the room. Freaking Barry White-grade purr…

Daisy: The little diva queen. Very, VERY nosy! Even though Kestine is bigger, Daisy will give him crap anyway (usually kicking him off the cat towers) and swat at him if he comes sniffing her butt. :P She’s usually quiet until OMG FOOD, at which she’ll pace around and meow lots and lots until the food bowl is set. While she’ll tolerate attention from LOL BULLDOGS, she quickly finds herself overpowered by the evil wiggly puppies (who just want to sumo-tackle and sniff her). It’s hilarious to see Daisy fleeing from BabyGirl and doing her annoyed meow, as if to say “Ugh, go away!”

Chloe: NINJA CAT! Like Daisy, it seems that Chloe may be naturally small when she matures. She’s freaking hyper, dashing all over the place, tackling and jumping and swatting… She also has what I call a “query purr,” used to either get attention or solicit some kind of response from another cat or human. Evil wiggly puppies are spooky to her. Chloe likes to get on your shoulder or bat at hair if it’s long enough.

Betty: She’s a combination of Daisy and Kestine as far as personality goes. She has kind of a diva-like meow but she’s much more “love meeee~” and is very tolerant of being picked up and cuddled, more than even Kestine. If she’s familiar with you, she’ll actually go back and forth with you if you meow at her. It’s really cute. XD She has a “rolling purr” that sounds like rolling marbles in a sack. In other ways, she is somewhat reminiscent of [info]brendala‘s cat… can’t put my finger on what, specifically.

This is a Nyer Alert, Part 2

Saturday, July 25th, 2009


Arr, here be kitty #3. And… it’s a girl kitty! Original shelter designation was Chip, but now she is Chloe and so far she is, like… what happens if you combine the defining features of Kestine and Daisy. Nosy as all hell, but ohgod she purrs so easily and loves to face-shove on you.

She’s a tiny little thing, for being 3 months old, but given the abundance of feeding stations here, she’ll fatten up soon enough. Of course, Kestine and Daisy are all “DO NOT WANT” but if prior experience is any indication, that should be a non-issue in a couple days. We predict that Daisy will end up mentoring little Chloe in the ways of NOSY-FU and kicking Kestine out of the highest nest on the cat towers.

Also… Chloe has Daisy’s birthday (4/15). Tax Day kitteh!

24 reference? That’s what mother will tell you. As far as I’m concerned, this kitty’s named after the badass freaking Tales of Legendia character. >:D

Go away or I will set your head on pepperoni!

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Woke up at 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got on Blastoise to ink the third part of Sleepover. Here be a screen of the wireframe, in all its hints at Hikaru fan service. Chelsea… not so much– not quite visible in scribbly wireframe mode, but she’s squeezing soap gel on a sponge… luffa-head-thing.

But then my virus scanner piped up for its daily sweep, and that kinda slows Painter a bit. Yes, even with 4GB of RAM in this thing. You would think that would, you know, make me invincible or something. :P

Of all things, I’m looking forward to painting this. Not so much because for obvious reasons it would be an easy paint job… actually, no, it probably won’t be easy at all since there’s falling water and steam involved and weird colorations I get to deal with, but I’ve not done much involving water in awhile. Call this one of those EXTREMELY RARE moments but I like to think I don’t totally fail at painting water… that, I might (holy smoo!) actually be GOOD at it. Imagine that. o_o

In other news, zee house, it shall be mine for most of today! (Well, except for pets.) Mother and Evil Stepfather are going on some… well, I think it’s one of those city-sponsored/community “field trip” in which they hop a charter bus to a baseball game and barbecue. Whatever. Point being, they won’t be here, and I am totally nomming on pizza tonight.

Kestine is being quite the attention-whore right now, geez… “meow, meow, pet me, meow, purr,” and rubbing his face all over me, and just about everything else on my desk. Also swatting at my Blastoise trinket. I love you too, kitty. :P

Also Daisy has a new collar bell. It sounds huge. I think she’d have been better off with a cowbell. I’ll try to get a pic if she’ll sit still long enough. XD

Field full of daisies

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Daisy, that nosy kitty, has done it now. Today she was featured in the Press Enterprise‘s “My Favorite Things” section.

This was the photo that mother posted on the PE gallery (because nobody had posted any Fontana pets). Yes, if you were to poke around mother’s Flickr account you’ll find not only Kestine but the Four Pups of the Apocalypse too. :P

Kestine doesn’t seem too jealous, though.

hgasdfasd finally getting to drawing Velan’s status card. Holy crap I’m so tired today. @_@


Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Oh hi… um… Robert’s here. He had oral surgery, but nobody will tell me anything (as usual), and Evil Stepfather was yelling at me about Robert going upstairs even though Robert was refusing help and looked like he was okay (and by the time I got there he was pretty much up on the 2nd floor anyway). Sometimes I just think that awful man is fishing for excuses to be an asshat. I also think he missed the memo saying that he has no authority over me. NONE.

And while it LOOKS like Robert and mother made up… or can at least be around each other without mother going into RAGING DRAMA QUEEN mode, part of me is still thinking it could blow up anytime.

On the flipside… Daisy is being a total attention whore today. She was being nosy and, while mother was taking Evil Stepfather to work, Daisy camped the guest room door and mewing for Robert to open up. This cat sure knows how to push the cute buttons. o.o