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Madness? This is PUPPY BOWL!

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

As someone who has zero interest in football (but nonetheless braved the nonsense of Football Night in America to fulfill my role as [info]olberfanns‘ self-appointed screencapper), once again it is time for the next best thing to THE GAME… Puppy Bowl!

Now, I’m a crazy cat lady, and surely you’ve heard me kvetch about those evil wiggly bulldogs downstairs… but that doesn’t take away from the cuteness of romping puppies. Of course, there is kitty halftime (squeh!). This year, Animal Planet’s introducing two new acts: bunny cheerleaders and hamster commentators on a blimp. I’m guessing the latter is meant to replace Harry Kalas, the dood who previously called for Puppy Bowl until last year.

Pizza Hut gets to provide the munchies this time. I think I’ll go for the original All-American boneless wings this time. (I’m such a wimp– wings are like Yoshi Crack, but most of their menu is far too spicy for me, even the mild stuff. So far it’s been just garlic parmesan.)

In the meantime… I think I’ma wireframe the villains version of the previous art post. Yes, kids, I’m going to draw TERRORISTS.

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Snowscheme 2009 Part 1: Garm Friday

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Some history here: Last year I meant to do a Snowscheme with Deeum and a baby Garm but ran out of time. So, as compensation, such a piece would go first this year.

…but as you can see, that’s not a *baby* Garm. It’s… er… well, you know when a dog is in that awkward-looking transition between puppy and adult? Yeah, that would be the closest thing to what happened here. Point being, I don’t draw pooches very often (despite living with three obnoxious bulldogs) and it kinda shows here. >_>;

Chelsea got added in at the last minute. I don’t know what triggered it… but it would be funny if someone were made to carry all the stuff that Deeum bought.

I’m working on a smaller “canvas” this time, so things get done faster. I’ll also be pulling fodder from the queue unless someone pipes up with other things. Let’s see what happens as far as frequency goes!

Stupidly adorable stuff my cat does, part… something

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

In many respects I still consider myself a newbie cat owner, as I’ve only had cats for a couple of years. At the same time, I realize that every cat is unique. I am fortunate that my first and current kitty is considered the sweetest, most well-behaved cat EVER, and every so often he’ll start some new behavior that is just… ridiculously cute.

In this case, Kestine’s latest thing is to physically crawl on and sit on my chest if I’m sitting on a reclining chair. Blatantly attention-seeking? Oh yes. (Fortunately, if I’m sitting in one of those chairs… it is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that I’m doing something that requires significant attention. Only thing I could think of is if I were playing my DS or PSP, but those I could easily set aside for a few minutes.) But it seems there’s something more to this… because once I start petting him or what-have-you, he is not only already purring, but he’ll actually knead my shirt or cloak or whatever I happen to be wearing.

It is, of course, SLIGHTLY uncomfortable when he’s walking around on me (it’s a weight distribution thing… you try having a 13-pound cat walk on your chest! Oof!) but hardly noticeable when he sits/lies down and, more importantly, he knows not to use his claws. :P

Is this kitty for “hug tiem nao?” Because that’s the closest translation I can come up with. Whatever the case, it’s just stupidly adorable. :P

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Oasis Invader

Monday, October 19th, 2009

…and yes, I realize I forgot the F prints on the Flea Vest. I’ll fix that up…. tomorrow. @_@

Unrelated note: I totally need to level a stupidly-powerful generic in Disgaea PSP, then transmigrate him into a Prinny. And name him Arnold.
This will be so awful. And by that I mean awesome. XD “Come with me if you want to live, dood!”

I need some Austrian Death Machine… now THAT one is all my brother’s fault. Seriously, the LOL that went down when he put it on his car stereo… XD

(WIP) 2D Desert

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Because [info]seraphzero keeps alluding to this oh so subtly. :P

To hell with getting Chelsea’s proportions right. Proportions go out the window when you’re flailing and screaming for the big scary assassin to let you go!

Also I kinda forgot to get dinner and I should probably go fix that before I get that sting and a headache. Oh man, those are fun. >_>;;;