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(WIP) Dragon Munchies

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

If I were to start inking that pile of junk food now, I’d be here until at least 9. And with this awful demon chair… no.
Besides, uh… later I’ll have real-life reference materials for at least the muffin tier. Yeah.

(WIP) The Dragon’s Nest

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Ugh, being reduced to single-display mode sucks. Sure, it allows me to focus better, but I hate having to alt-tab to check reference images and such. Boo. That said, it’s WIP time after a loooong break from the Ramen, and it’s the long awaited “junk food” piece:

When a dragon’s gotta eat, she’s going to eat. At EPIC proportions.

Deeum has something that she makes Velan prepare every so often… the “Dragon’s Nest,” a platter of sweets that no smarmy human could hope to conquer (though they’re damn welcome to try). Donuts, muffins, twisted/glazed bar donuts, marshmallow squares (aka Rice Krispy Treats), Twinkies and, on top of it all, a glazed cinnamon pull-apart bundt cake. If that doesn’t sound evil, I don’t know what does.

Hikaru joins in for this session of face-stuffing (dragons gotta fuel the regen somehow). As much as she hates that this requires another kitchen explosion to create… well… you can’t say no to a mountain of sweets. Woe unto anyone who dares to steal even a single piece off that pile. Even if you’re Chelsea. (I would also think that Numair would know that it is NOT worth being subject to a Deeum-brand clobbering… Hikaru would probably just glare him into the floor and, uh, not do anything to help. Yeah. that’s right.)

There’s still some things to be added in (like the couch and the milk/coffee pitchers and such) but you can see where my priorities were in this wireframe. :P

Why do I do this stuff at 3:30am? Ahahaha.

HD Fodder

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Now that Disgaea 4 and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky have stopped nibbling on my soul for awhile…

What’s this? “HD” Hikaru? (in b4 stupid gag about how her initials are also HD. trolololo high definition)

Have some Numair, too. Because it would be nagging me forever until I did just ONE frame.

RT graphics fodder, yes. And probably I shouldn’t have gone right to the final equipment, but this is just an HD test to see what the minimum fullsize I can comfortably work at– in this case, 800×800 to be shrunk to ideally 150×150 but no smaller than 120×120 before too many details get lost and I have to dive back in for repairs. Both field and battle sets will be done like this for consistency (as opposed to the current system which has, uh, low-res sprites for the field and “SD” sprites for battle).

“HD” is kinda misleading– high definition implies you can jam in more details, right? Yes and no… you can certainly add some, period, but not too many since you have to account for things being blended or nearest-neighbor absorbed in the great shrink.

Drawing HD sprites like this… well, it demands a bit of a drastic shift from my usual tactics. For one thing, I have to make the head about 10% bigger than normal– that is, I have to turn off “anatomically/proportionally-correct” because otherwise on shrink, most of the face details are lost and would necessitate a repair dive. And then, of course, I can’t go drybrush at all– the paintjob is ENTIRELY 3px Detail Brush out of the Acrylics subtools, and restrict to 3 colors per “thing” (skin, armor, hair, etc.), exception being metallic parts where I can have two midtones, a shadow and a highlight.

Hikaru’s going to be the most time-consuming to convert, of course, since being the main character she has THREE outfits (cavalry plate with and without the Majestic Goat, and the Maximillian), a mount, and more “emote” frames than the others. Oh yeah, and a freaking DRAGON. Oh well. That’s what you get for being the main character, after all. :P

(WIP) Day-old red velvet cake

Monday, February 7th, 2011

I promise I’m working on it. Taking a step back from the WoWs since I just took 2 characters from 80-85 back to back (Rei and Dinah) and finished capping their professions, and now I’m working on Gourmet Ramen. Wee~

On a weird note, Kestine nicked my leg trying to jump on the desk to flee from one of the newbie cats that was chasing him (WIMP!). It bled quite a bit but stopped just as quickly… and now there’s just… well, I THINK it’s water? Sure feels like it. All I know is that I have to keep sponging it. It doesn’t look like anything dangerous, so I’ll just have to wait it out. Or I could actually be an elemental mutant and this is how I get super powers. :P Just saying…

I should, like, try and sleep which of course means I’m actually going to play Angry Birds… going to stand by for the UPS dood around 10:30 because OMFG IPHONE. Mother only got one shipping notice and hasn’t gotten anymore and the order status console hasn’t said anything, so we’re guessing this shipment will have both our iPhones. I have my ringtones ready and just need to funnel them into Dinah’s iTunes so she can load ’em up. :D :D :D

(WIP/Gourmet) Pink, Red and More Pink

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Sup, doods. Who got Gourmet Ramen marching orders? Me. Rather than doing each to completion before doing the next, working all 3 at once by phase (in this case, wireframe). Let’s dance.

PSP2!Chelsea (yup, these are for [info]seraphzero). “I solve debates with guns!” or something. This angle is a punk, of course, but at the same time badass.

Avatar Asuka, armor redesign “Zero” since she got rebuilt. If you can see it, there’s evidence that I was going to give her a double-saber instead but the positioning wasn’t going to work, so back to twin sabers or something. Flaming energy wings will have to wait until the end of the paint phase, though.

This one in the commission order is pretty much a wildcard, and I ended up not using any of the prompts. Instead… RT!Chelsea, munching on popcorn while lying around… somewhere. I’ve not yet determined the context– is she on a giant Poring beanbag, or on a bed, or some Prinny commandeered to be used as a pillow? And what’s she laughing at? Maybe something on the sphere-TV. It’s not as messy as the other two since it’s not done yet, I stopped to post screencaps since I’m starting to blink over here.

They all look teeny because the PSD file is 1600×1200. Har har har.

Finishing the last wireframe and inking all 3 tomorrow, hopefully with fewer distractions.

FYI for doods who buy Gourmet Ramen: you have the option of sitting on Blastoise via TightVNC (I have LogMeIn, but TightVNC is better for these) and barking directions at me via Skype. Useful if you have super-specific details or you just want to make sure everything is right the first time.