Commission Gourmet Ramen!

If you read the blog or my Twitter or Facebook, you’ve heard mentions of Gourmet Ramen on occasion. Gourmet Ramen is the commissioned version of my normal Instant Ramen artwork posts. This is on-demand, have-it-how-you-like-it Yoshi arts. Mmm, ramen…

Want to order up some Gourmet Ramen? Here’s the pricing scheme:

  • $20 for 1 SD piece (web resolution)
  • $50 for 3 SD pieces
  • New: $50 for 1 HD Piece (ideal for printing or large groups!)

But, what if you want 2, or more than 3? Or you have something in mind that doesn’t quite fit into the above convention? Drop me an email or text message (or otherwise get ahold of me by any channels you have access to), and we can work something out.

Why So Cheap, Dood?

  • $20 for a one-shot seems about right. Most commissions I get are from young people who want their MMO characters drawn or just built a new box and are looking for a wallpaper-friendly piece, and this fits right in their budget.
  • …honestly, though? I have no bloody clue as to what my artwork is ACTUALLY worth. (If this were traditional media this would be (marginally) easier.) Therefore, I figure that lowballing things is safe– after all, it’s digital delivery only– but is enough to feed me for a couple days (for a single piece commission) to about a week (3-piece).

How This Plays Out

  1. The Initial Request: You email me (or text message or leave a comment on any open entry or Twitter/Facebook/Google+ DM or any way you have access) with what you want. Be very specific– send reference image links/YouTubes, anything that helps me understand what it is you want done. If I approve (and, face it, unless it’s something EXTREMELY outlandish or unreasonable, I probably will), you’ll get a reply back within a day or so with how much time I’ll need to complete it.
  2. The Execution: The job gets worked on. Please allow for at least 3 days (more if it’s the 3-pack), barring extreme circumstances.
  3. The Final Approval: You get a once-over of the last-before-official-completion WIP as your last chance to request I fix/add/remove anything.
  4. The Payment and “Delivery:” Only when you’re satisfied with the end result will I take payment. This is for your protection– nothing sucks more than to be cheated by a bad artist who takes your money up front and then flakes out without delivering. This way, if something goes wrong, you’re only out a little bit of time. You get another high-quality JPEG export (if any tweaks needed to be made) as well as the work file (a PSD) if you want to play with the original assets on your own.

Usage and Stuff

  • You may use the finished Gourmet Ramen for any non-commercial purpose (wallpaper, forum signature/avatar, etc.).
  • Concurrently, I assert the right to include the finished piece in my portfolio for archival and documentation purposes.
  • I don’t slap watermarks on my exports (mostly out of laziness but also because they are a distraction). That said, please do credit me with either a link back here or to my Twitter handle if you link them elsewhere. Thank you!

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“I want some Gourmet Ramen!”

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