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So, what in tarnations IS Ayarane Project? Well, no doubt the first thing you see here is my blog, so that’s one piece of the pie… however, this is also my portfolio of sorts, because I draw all sorts of weird things and I need to show them off in some semblance of organization. (Want to see them? Go check out Instant Ramen Sketchbook or, alternatively, my deviantArt account.)

I suppose the name itself, Ayarane Project, is also a hint that everything is ongoing, a work in progress… as well as highly experimental.

Who’s at the controls

This be me. Be afraid!

This be me. Be afraid!

(Mostly copypasta’d from the Instant Ramen Facebook until I can come up with something better)

Yoshi is a digital painter and has been making art since she was in kindergarten. Born on the most unfortunate April 1 of 1984, she claims to have usurped the title of family artist from her older brother, but had long been practicing and experimenting on her own. In addition to the childhood art staples, Yoshi also first played at digital art through her elementary school’s Amiga computer fleet and slowly developed her technique over the years. Because of academic circumstances, she did not receive any formal significant instruction until enrolling at Chaffey College in 2002. However, during her later high school years, she became a sketch artist for the campus newspaper.

Yoshi is trained in pen-and-ink, charcoal, chalk pastels, watercolors and acrylic paint. Her preferred physical media are ink and acrylic. She specializes in digital painting, which allows her to combine her traditional media training with technological advances (a side bonus being that digital is “less messy,” which is especially relevant when one considers how many pets her family owns). Continuing with the theme of combination, Yoshi’s personal style mixes the photorealism of drawing from life with her love of Japanese-style anime and manga. In her paintings, while digital in make, she chooses subtools that allow her every brushstroke to be seen, even (and sometimes especially) those that are flawed. Even if her artwork is made on a computer, she insists on leaving some kind of reminder that a human hand was still involved.

Yoshi has also received basic training in animation, preferring a “flipbook” method that allows her to hand-draw frames (albeit still through software) rather than use vector-based solutions.

Yoshi is currently a freelance artist, and an occasional contributor to the Night Attack (formerly “NSFW Show”) podcast. She accepts commissions on an ongoing basis.

Aside from painting, Yoshi enjoys video games, drifting around on YouTube, disaster movies and the company of her cats.

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