Yoshi Tales! Let’s Play FFXIV!

At long last, the time has come to roll Yoshi in FFXIV and tell her story!

This is my first Let’s Play with audio commentary, and while I certainly expect some early installment weirdness while I remember how to chop up video, I hope you will find this “toeing the line between walkthrough and light RP” to be at least somewhat amusing. I mean, I even peppered memes! Mmmm, dank memes.

The Yoshi that’s in XIV is an Ishgardian-born Wildwood Elezen who had her childhood aspirations of being the first Ishgardian Black Mage pooh-poohed by the highborn as being “improper occupation.” What does one do when you’re told “no you can’t?” You counter with “just you watch!” I’m currently recorded up to halfway through Heavensward’s leveling stuff, and slowly getting things chopped up and packaged for upload to the YouTubes. Fun times!

In other, unrelated news… I’ve had a hell of a time trying to figure out why this WordPress installation keeps getting hijacked. It’s happened, like, 3 times now and despite doing a force reinstall it’s just… ugh. The first time was right after Kestine died as well, and Hostrocket was nagging me to fix it, so that was fun. :S

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