Slackers Abound

Who’s got two thumbs, a big mug of milk, and goes months without posting here?

Me. This derp. Yep.

Anyway, today is, I suppose, the… 15th anniversary of Ayarane Project? Technically I bought the domain in late April 2001 but the hosting didn’t get finalized until May 5. No reason to dump it now! (I have, also, considered picking up a bunch of “ayarane”-flavored domains but… too lazy to set up redirects and such.)

15 years of Yoshi and derping and fun! Let’s add 15 more onto the pile!

Playing a lot of FFXIV (and WoW too, less so because “end of expansion content drought” but really the only thing I’m burned out on is spamming LFR for legendary ring progress, which is why I’m so lazy about finishing the ring on my non-Yoshi/Phil alts). Met me a new leveling buddy in there, a cute Lalafell Black Mage/Ninja by the name of Bonnie and it’s been pretty nice. :D Also kinda got recruited into her Free Company (guild) even though I had been dodging those for months, and it’s not terrible! I’ve become their Chocobo Lady– while I’m logged in, I feed all the stabled Chocobos on cooldown– and it’s not gone unnoticed, as their boss-lady promoted me because of it.

I mean, I’m not particularly gunning for officer-rank here, but it does get me full access to guild storage, so that’s kinda nice. :P

In real space, uh, nothing really to blab about beyond the tired “parental management is taken all of my money to clean up their shit, and feeding me lies about how I’ll see maybe a fraction of it again” because, yeah, nobody reeeeeally wants to hear that again. When you don’t want to play video games and you want to go out a bit, go to Team Building Activities in Dallas.

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