(WIP) Now with 100% more BADASS LAWYERS

It's getting there.

Not only do we get a fully-painted Awesome McBadass Jack McCoy, now we also have Shiny McBaldhead Captain Crager, Dr. Warner and Awesome McMeganekko ADA Cabot (with an iPad! GASP. Because manila folders are so low-tech.) That just leaves the last two detectives and the background and final cleanup.

Then to hammer out something for Night Attack, because it will be useful in fishing around for Gourmet Ramen purposes.

But yes. LAWYERS. Also Dr. Warner’s hair was a total pain… or I thought it was, but the secret is using the small drybrush and just… twisty-scribbling your way out from the scalp and layering it on top of each other to create a plausible frizzy-curl look without having to go in and pencil-detail all the highlights on the hair. THAT would have been awful, all that work for something hardly anyone will bother to zoom in/fullview to really look at.
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A little speculation on a Law and Order anime before I fire off this post: what would my dream staff be for this? Assume that this would be done in Japan to start with, and for the English audio, the original actors would reprise their roles. (Also I’m pretty sure that at least the three major series have been dubbed into Japanese. I just wish I could get my hands on a cast list or something, ’cause YouTube isn’t pulling up squat except for a subbed TV spot about Original’s Season 20.) Ah hell, who am I kidding? Just hand it over to Gainax/Trigger and let them have fun with it (even if it results in the ladies getting some added bounce), and then some. (Sadamoto as character designer, of course.)

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