Unpopular Opinion Time: Go away, ponies

Hi, I am still bad about writing in here, I mostly drift around Facebook and Twitter if you need a more frequent Yoshi fix.

Okay. I mused on this elsewhere but I may as well put it on the record again, here.

I don’t like MLP:FiM.

In fact, I don’t really care for the My Little Pony franchise, period. Never was into it as a kid, and this new series just… really, REALLY bothers me. Not even the presence of Gundam voice actors (plus a couple doods from the Los Angeles pool) can salvage interest. Nope. You can’t even appeal to my inner Trek nerd via Discord (aka MLP’s literal incarnation of Q, down to the same freaking actor).

It’s, just, the whole thing REEKS of creepy pedo-bait. I know I’m not being fair. But the character designs and the color choices and the overall package, and (certainly not least of all) the whole Brony fandom that’s spawned from this, all of it together has me all “no, NO, do not want, go jump in a black hole and let me never have to hear about this again.” I have a serious aversion to things that encourage or could potentially encourage child predators, other things including moeblob anime/video games (I couldn’t play Ar Tonelico 3 because of this– the three Reyvateils really looked underaged AND their powers were dependent on stripping, and while I am pretty tolerant of fan service, this was well on the side of NO).

Did I mention I got trolled by one of the nastier Bronies? The type that participate in the pornographic side of the fandom? Yeah. That’s another way to kill my interest in something. (And this isn’t the first time, either. Crazy fangirls killed any desire to EVER read Harry Potter.)

It kinda bristles me when a good chunk of my friends list is going on about MLP, especially a couple who swore on their souls they would never give in and take part in it. I would, of course, not be the sort to tell them to stop talking about it, so I just grit my teeth and scroll on past. But know this: if you want to get on my bad side in an instance, ask me to draw my OCs as ponies.

Yes, that really happened. Twitter DM. The dood who dared to make such a suggestion should be lucky that I never replied– mostly because of food distraction– because I would have gone off on ’em. Or not. I’m too damn nice. More likely I’d just fume internally for the rest of the day.

Freaking ponies.

I’ma go hug one of the cats now. Purring drops blood pressure. Yeah.

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