The one about Jack’s Big Stack

Been awhile since the last review-something post. Tonight, because I finished a Gourmet Ramen, I figured I’d justify the expense and try something new at the same time. Enter… Jack in the Box’s newest event item, Jack’s Big Stack.

There is a reason why this post lacks a “Yoshi Suggests” tag.

It’s not so much about the burger itself as it is the advertising that went into hyping it. The burger is mostly a minor tweak of the Ultimate Cheeseburger– two beef patties stacked on top of each other with cheese. This time it’s with sourdough bread slices that are toasted but are usually softened during transit, and only have mayo spread, and have a couple of onion rings and a few long slivers of pickles.

The ads and website suggest that this is supposed to be crunchy and awesome.

I’m not feeling it with this burger.

In many ways, it’s actually a step BACKWARDS from the Ultimate Cheeseburger. No ketchup and mustard, so you gotta add those on your own if you want them (I opted to with the second burger, I got two via a buy-one-get-one-free coupon), and I could barely register the onion rings. Boo. It’s… kind of boring. If you’re a fan of the Ultimate Cheeseburger, just stick with that, you’re not missing much here if you wanted to try something different.

That is all. And now for reasons unrelated to this post, I’ma going to lie down.

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