(WIP) Sneaky Birthday

As much as it looks like I do him all the time, it’s actually been quite some time since I’ve drawn some Numair. It’s my birthday, all you haters can piss off! >:P

I need work/portfolio fodder way more than I need loot, so if you were even thinking of loot/cookie-bombing me, you may want to consider hiring me for some Gourmet Ramen instead. You get purdy pictures, I get some coin and more material for my portfolio (aside from my pile of OCs), everyone wins! :D Besides, the games I want– DuckTales Remastered and Tales of Xillia– don’t drop until summertime anyway.

If you’re wondering, I get a cat-themed cake. Of course, mother went and put my original name on there, otherwise I’d be posting/tweeting it all over and I don’t need any sass about my birth name, thank you.

At some point today I need to swap out one of Blastoise’s case fans, so I can set him up for livestreaming without worry of overworking the rest of his cooling measures. Otherwise, just another day of painting and being lazy in WoW. :P

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