Eff a dream

Uhm. I kinda… misplaced much of last week. As much as I like rain, that and Fontana’s decision to dial back the temperature to mid-40s kinda kicked me into “oh crap, it’s TIME TO HIBERNATE” and I kept fading in and out of sleep. Thankfully it was in my own bed rather than in a chair, but it also meant I got no painting work done. :(

But not today since I have plans and such. Today is that happy little political rock concert we call the State of the Union, and I don’t watch that without a big freaking pizza. And I have a free pizza credit from Papa Johns. Aww yeah.

Let me get back to that falling all kinds of asleep there, though… because in that clusterfwegh there managed to spawn one extra-coherent dream that I would file under “why is this not a real thing?” with unfortunate circumstances as you’ll see.

In this mess, which takes the form of screencaps of Twitter and browser screens, it is announced that Disney is producing a Scrooge McDuck movie– “not necessarily a reboot of DuckTales nor is it directly referencing the original comics” as was quoted, so I’m thinking total reboot fodder. Something about an origin story and how it was being done in 2D, and there was a dark screencap of a younger Scrooge holding a ratty driver cap and standing in line in a soup kitchen.

It was under wraps because they wanted to hold off for some anniversary to announce it at a con whose name I didn’t catch, but something catastrophic went down, something to the tune of, um, Scrooge’s voice actor (one badass freaking Alan Young) passing away and thus having to scramble to recast him because YEAH THAT’S KIND OF A SHOWSTOPPER. And Disney PR thought they could still keep the movie’s existence a secret in spite of such a tragic event except the successor had to go and tweet about it. That successor was… oh… Craig Ferguson? OOPS. XD And then he went and made it worse by talking about it on the Late Late Show via a very sweary generic duck puppet. MORE OOPS.

And that was it. The whole thing played out like a news segment. It was one of those things where you REALLY WISH IT WAS A THING but it’s not, and in this case I’m kinda glad it isn’t because as much as Craig Ferguson rocks faces off and would make a kickass Scrooge, there’s just no comparison to Alan Young. Dude’s STILL got it, if his bit in Kingdom Hearts is any indication. :P What is he, pushing at least 90-something now?

Yeah. I kinda hate my subconscious when it pulls fakeout shenanigans like this. But good duck on a stick imagine the double-whammy drama that would go down.

And now Kestine just jumped on my bed and NO KITTY NO WALKING ON THE MACBOOK ARGH–

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