Overstuffed (Or: Sausage Festival)

In this post we sing the glory of sausage in our pizza.

Tonight, I looted the Overstuffed pizza from Pizza Hut, because new event item = must try!

It gets one ding on the outbreak: you only have two choices on how you take your pizza. The first is Supreme, which is just like any other definition of Pizza Hut’s supreme (peppers and such). The Italian Meat Trio is for us weenies who are so entrenched in our sausage+pepperoni ways. There is no “Build Your Own” option, so if you’re picky about your ingredients, this probably isn’t for you. :(

Now that THAT’s out of the way… Welp, do you like P’zones? Because this is basically three of ’em fused together. I looted the Italian Meat Trio spec, which in this case means Pepperoni and Sausage. Lots… and lots… of sausage. This is, of course, a very good thing for me because I am of course all for Team Sausage! Note, though, that the top layer crust comes off rather easily, so you may as well either just take it off entirely and eat it, or flip it over and hold it underneath the bottom crust as a support grip. I’m not sensing much sauce in here at all, so if that’s important to you, you may want to loot a marinara cup as an extra.

$13 for this sounds about right, given that, again, it’s essentially 3 P’zones stuck together (on days other than mondays, P’zones are $5 a pop, so this works out marginally cheaper!). And if you’ve ever wanted a P’zone that has sausage+pepperoni (emphasis on sausage), here is your chance!

It’s a little on the greasy side, if the collected grease on the wax paper is any indication, so take that into account if that’s of any importance. Otherwise, happy nomming, and I hope this is a long-lasting event item because as a sausage-lover I would TOTALLY loot this again. :)

– Overstuffed = 3 P’zones. No really, same crust and such.
– Italian Meat Trio spec = Are you Team Sausage? Lots of sausage. Not so much pepperoni.

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