Once more I’m painting at 2:30am. Magic hour!
For lulz, for glory, and for its upcoming 150th episode, NSFW!

Of course, just because I’m working on this doesn’t mean I won’t take your commissions! :D!

Holy crap, the weather got a much-needed shot in the arm. It goes from “aw hell, this air is unbreathable, AIR CONDITIONER FOREVER” to “ooh, it’s actually kinda cold and OMG THUNDER, sometimes there is the need to contact the air conditioning company and something there is no need.”

Kestine is not so freaked out by thunder and lightning, nope. All that purrbot does is just… does his usual “pet me nooooow” meow and rub his face on me inappropriately. Naughty cat.

Speaking of felines, the three newbies we picked up over a month ago are still with us, and they’re getting bigger. We still have them in isolation until they can get their shots and, more importantly, fatten up enough so they can’t squeeze through the puppy gates. Then I can take posession of the dude silver kitty and make him Kestine’s padawan sidekick. Oh yeah. You know what this means. Dual-wielding cat mode! >:D

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