(Nom List) McDonalds: McGriddle

This is becoming a frequent feature like Instant Ramen… let’s call it the Nom List for now, in which I post about (SOCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE) fast food. Go me!

So with all the upheaval resulting from our unexpected kitten acquisition, there’s been virtually NO time to cook at all, and this morning mother and evil stepfather had to go pay bills and such and I get a TXT asking if I wanted munchies since for the past few of days I’d been living on leftover pizza and my emergency stash of Pringles. Usually when a food invite happens it’s for dinner, rather than breakfast. HM.

Last time I’d gotten anything out of a fast food breakfast menu was… when I got Original Dinah in ’06. McDonalds’ hotcake platter at their City of Industry location, I think. And before that? Waaaaaay back in one of the preschools I got flung around in, there was a field trip that was a tour of the city– it was a tutorial about how to use the city bus and where major city landmarks were, but it was raining that day so much of the walking part got cut out. It ended with the class going to McDonalds for breakfast and we got the hotcakes w/ sausage (and I am pretty sure this was my first time eating sausage), and I can remember back when they distributed food using the yellow styrofoam boxes. Hah!

Welp, today I looted the Sausage+Egg+Cheese McGriddle. (There’s a bacon option for those of you on Team Bacon.) If this is your first time, get two, because for virgin eaters this is going to give you a “what did I just eat? Better do it again to make sure this is as awesome as I thought it was.” I hope you can open up wide because this is one big sandwich, (big as in tall rather than wide, about as thick as, say, a Double Quarter Pounder) and it’s one of those where you can’t stop until you’ve downed the thing or else it falls apart in your hands. And yet, for what is supposed to be SOCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE FAST FOOD, this is actually quite yummy. It’s like eating a savory marshmallow divided into layers, everything is kind of spongy. And as it goes down, you get this warm Happy Place(tm) aftertaste. Imagine a Homer Simpson-like voice all “that’s a nice sandwich.” That’s right.

You would think this is, being a breakfast sandwich, something that would need to be dunked for maximum effect (like using syrup as a pseudo-au jus) but it’s very much capable of singing on its own merits.

And that’s not the end of our food story, either. I also looted their Hash Browns (they’re OK, but fries give you more) and their Cinnamon Melts (if they look “bare,” all of the icing and cinnamon stuff sank to the bottom of the tray so dig out a hole and just shove a piece around at the bottom to pick up the icing and such).

I’m going to have to revisit this when fall and winter weather kick in so I can pair it off with hot chocolate. Oh man, THAT’s going to be fun. :D For now, I just used the carton of orange juice I had in my mini-fridge. Mmm, orange juice… *Homer drool*

TL;DR Version: Tune out your inner critic and ignore all the usual haters and EAT THAT MCGRIDDLE. It’s a savory one-way trip to your foodie zen.

Jack in the Box’s breakfast menu is totally next. Oh yeah. If croissants are involved, I am so in, because croissants make everything MORE awesome. :D

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