MOAR… cats?

So, uh, we’ve become emergency foster cat mamas.

Mother was out walking the evil bulldogs a couple days ago, and found a trio of abandoned, literally day-old kittens in a neighbor’s driveway. (Said neighbors were either not home or asleep.) We’re talking “umbilical cord/afterbirth still attached” and two of them were tangled in a branch. It was pretty clear that their mama was not coming back for them and may have been pursued by a dog since there were dog footprints nearby.

We were going to hand these kittens over to the shelter right away since we are already way over the pet limit, but mother decided she wants to attempt to raise them at least until the 6-week minimum to increase the chances of them being taken in. We’ve confirmed that there is at least one boy(!) among them.

As it stands, we obviously can’t keep all 3 on a permanent basis. I mean, cats are easy, but… you know. Buuuut… there is a chance I may be able to take ONE of them. And I would really like another boy kitty, since Kestine is otherwise the only dude cat here, and the girls don’t seem to like me very much and are otherwise pretty, well, catty.

Still, for the next month and a half, we’ll have three squeaking little furballs. I swear they look like giant mice. And they squirm so much.

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