CHAIR GET + S’more Pie

OMG Chair is here. :D
But… it’s too late at night to unbox and assemble it. The dogs would just go berserk, and bark forever. x_x
So… tomorrow!

To go with my favorite, socially-irresponsible podcast NSFW, I have socially-irresponsible fast food. McDonalds, omnomnom~
I picked up one of their S’more Pies (it’s sort of new-ish, been on the menu for a few months but just never got around to it). It’s, uh… you remember those S’more-type Pop Tarts? This is basically the same thing, just fatter, and has a window so you can see that one side is marshmallow and the other side is chocolate.

But, hey, at least there’s something else in case you’re not a fan of the classic McDonalds’ Apple “pie.” :P

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