What what in the ‘Pump

Once more, Blastoise has been upgraded back to “alive.” Boo bad SSDs, but I’m presuming this one (also a Crucial M4, just bigger) has the patch that will prevent the “fail after 5000 hours” thing.

Besides, this one is bigger, so… more games!

But more than that… holy crap I need to troll for Gourmet Ramen commissions like crazy. I’ma draw up an actual ad poster ‘n all, but basically this campaign will add a new option. You’ll have the usual “single for $20, three for $50” option but there will also be a “name your price” setting, for those who:

– only have a few coins and just want a simple headshot anyhow
– want a huge, hyper-detailed scene with lots of characters ‘n things and willing to plunk some coin on a single instance
– aren’t sure if what they want would work within a normal instance but definitely too small to justify two
– think I am way too awesome to be asking for a mere $20 for a single piece and want to dump MORE coins on me! (ha ha ha ha!)

…stuff like that, yep.

Instant Ramen LIVE will also be returning. Again, hardware issues kinda threw a wrench in there.

First order of business after things get going on that front: OMG Chair.

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