Ow my Turtle Core

Poor Blastoise. (Or if one comes from a more cynical angle, “Boo Blastoise?”) First he gets failing hard drives, then he loses his keyboard and now it’s his SSD but now I’m not sure. It’s weird because he’s historically been the best of the network machines. This comes at a really bad time when I should be trolling really hard for commissions. :|

So Blastoise’s current problem is that if he’s allowed to idle, he will slowly lock up until he’s fully frozen. Rebooting doesn’t work because he then loses power going to hs hard drive (I say this because they have to be getting power in order to be detectable, right?). The only thing he can see is his optical drive. I have to actually shut him off and restart him in order for his SSD to get power again. o_O

He’s got a pretty decent power supply or else I couldn’t even be running anything (750w). Huh. What kind of solutions are we facing here…? Chase down mobo drivers or something?

Buh. When Blastoise dies again tonight, I’ma jus go keep playing Pokemon on Dinah for the night.

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