The Pizza Made of Garlic Bread

Late night munchies up here in Ayarane Project. Regardless of whether you watch TV or float around the internets, chances are you’ve heard about Pizza Hut’s latest event item, the Garlic Bread Pizza. (Papa Johns also launched the Chicken Parmesan spec, which I’ll get to next week).

Parameters: this order was the Garlic Bread Pizza w/ added Sausage, plus the Creamy Chicken Alfredo because it was Tuesday (at the time) and that stuff is nomlicious.

Basically, you get a 3×3 grid of average-sized garlic bread slices, presumably buttered on both sides since the bottom is also buttered. They’re all baked together, so don’t waste any time in digging in because all the toppings traps the heat underneath and thus hastens the soggification from the combined butter and sauce. It’s about as thick as pan crust, but depending on how long you idle, not as crunchy except on the outer edges. You’re capped at 1 topping by default, and while you can add on, I would either stick to the 1 topping or, better yet, just tack on extra cheese. If I get this again before the event expires I’ll probably do that AND eliminate the sauce.

It’s… decent. About what one would expect for putting sauce and toppings on garlic bread. There really isn’t much else to say about it as a standalone pizza, but… I think this would have worked out FAR better as a side item. Trim it back to 4 slices, eliminate the sauce and either do cheese+pepperoni or extra cheese and you’ve got a winner. It would especially partner very nicely with the pasta platters in place of the breadsticks (or as a $2 upgrade, similar to the $1 cheese bread upgrade).

TL;DR: Edition: This would be a much better side item than a standalone pizza. A decent spin on would otherwise be considered a gimmick. :P

As for the pasta? Oh hell yeah, that stuff is awesomesauce. Pizza Hut is inconsistent when it comes to supplying utensils (sometimes they do, sometimes not), so bring your own fork. Or in this case, maybe a spork would be better to scrape all that alfredo sauce off the bottom. :9


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