Snoring sucks

As someone who likely has sleep apnea, adjusting to this new bed positioning sucks. For those who don’t know what that is, visit this website and take a look around, sleep apnea is more common than you think. As is, this bed is too small for me, so it’s been taking awhile to find a position that doesn’t risk falling off on one side (via my left leg rolling off the edge and touching down on the carpet), or my head drooped in such a way that I have because the version of my own snoring that sounds like the wailing of demons. Nightmare fuel much? And on top of that, readjusting to synthroid means my mouth is all funny and I keep biting my tongue several times a night and it’s kind of ow and not fun.

Also my cat needs to not knead on my butt, especially if I’m wearing thin pants. To put it in a form best suited for polite company, kitty’s affectionate paws leave scratches in places where only wipes should be near, and now it feels like, um, when you’re forced to bail from the toilet before getting a chance to clean up. :(

Ow… But… I will adapt! Eventually! It’s just going to take a little butthurt and patience. And a lot of disaster movies.

I did loot another shower chair (a round shower stool), a hanging shelf to go in my near-empty closet to make storing high-rotation items easier, aaaaand… a Lakitu plush. :D Anyone who watches TWiT (specifically NSFW) should get the significance of the Lakitu doll. >:D It’s too small for me to pull off my modification, but at this point I dun care (I can still do the “powered by Google” but it’d be soooo tiny). Of course, Kestine is swatting at the tethered Spiny, that silly cat.


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