Still not getting it

I’m still a dumbface about renewing my synthroid on time. Well, it’s part my fear of using the telephone (even though I’m packing an iPhone, but I am 99% more likely to TXT or tweet off it than use the actual Phone app), part my not wanting to deal with Dr. Santos’ lazy front desk staff and part “it’s freaking 2012, and Inland Health Care STILL doesn’t have online appointment booking?”

Seriously, these doods are walking around with laptops and USB tools and iPads… and I still have to phone in appointment requests. Don’t give me that “it’s good to not always have an Internet option” crap, this is just ridiculous. I can book appointments online at freaking Lens Crafters, and I’m sure online appointment web apps are a dime a dozen (my freaking web host has ’em in their library of instant web app installers), it’s not that hard. Even my brother thinks it’s absurd, and he’s normally a stubborn, upgrade-phobic grouch about these things.


Brain fog isn’t the main consequence this time, but rather it’s this sudden… itchy patch that’s appeared on my chin and is spreading. Not a problem unless, um, I yawn or want to eat something that requires me to open up wide, and then it’s all “ow ow why does it hurt to stretch” and… yeah, not fun. :|

Anyway, need to harass the IHC front desk (yay) and then Lens Crafters (it’ll probably be better in the long run to replace my glasses after I get my synthroid reloaded since that might have a finger in my vision, too). Ah, fun times.


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