The one about Cheesy Bites

I think I said quite awhile back that overall Papa Johns (w/ Costco as a very close 2nd) is my all-time favorite on the pizza food chain (huh huh), but I welcome any excuse to run my mouth about this kind of pie.

This time it’s Pizza Hut’s Cheesy Bites… which is more like a side item with a pizza attached to it. For the uninformed, Pizza Hut’s “thing” is their novelty crusts– they don’t stop at the usual normal/deep dish/thin crust, but go a little farther with special types like stuffed crust (which is always available) and a rotating event item.

Cheesy Bites are a subtype of the Stuffed Crust– where the Stuffed Crust is a singular ring of crust filled with cheese, this is more of a pull-apart affair. You (usually) get a marinara dipping cup; depending on how much you dip, I would say that you’d probably need at least two, as even if you dunk conservatively you’d only have enough for about 3/4 of the puffs.

The pizza itself is similar to the one that comes with Stuffed Crust– it’s thinner than normal, but it’s not enough to be considered Thin Crust. You’re soft-capped at 1 topping before fees kick in, and I would not go above two if you’re so inclined. It’s just kind of… flimsy. Given the overall presentation, Cheesy Bites would be better off served as a side item by itself (recycle the central dough into more rolls) rather than served as a novelty pizza.

Also, as of this week, Pizza Hut rolled out P’zolo, which I’m guessing is their version of stromboli. Right away we see the one thing that’s holding these and their P’zone siblings back from true greatness– you still can’t customize the filling. I would seriously pay a dollar extra if I could choose what goes into my P’zolo/P’Zone, up to 3 items. i’d totally roll up a pepperoni/sausage variant in an instant. Yes, there’s the Meaty variants, but I’m not a fan of ham/bacon. :|

Pizza Hut needs to, like, bring back their Big New Yorker. Now THAT was a badass giant pie. It sold very well, since it stuck around for several years, and then it just… vanished. Too bad. Aside from the Big Italy and (maybe) Big Dipper, it was the only way to really get an extra-large pizza out of them. :P


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