Ayarane Project @ Hover

This is probably of little interest to non-geeks, but I’ve changed the domain registrar for Ayarane Project.

Once upon a time, AP was born from GoDaddy (and hosted at Interscot) because at the time, domains were just starting to not cost an arm and a leg to register. Also at the time, GoDaddy was, uh… “no, seriously, it’s not porn, it just SOUNDS sexy!” Obviously, that no longer applies as they’ve recruited sexy models as part of their advertising. (And their “too hot for internet” ads weren’t even that good!) I could care less about that, however, as it was all the clunky interfaces and attempt to sell extra services that kinda bothered me.

Enter Hover! It sounds like a no-name registrar, but if you’ve been on the internets as long as I have, you would know that they are owned by the dudes who run Tucows. Man, that brings back memories! :D Anywho, they happened to advertise on TWiT (specifically, FrameRate),special domain and all, and AP was up for renewal anyhow, so much like an Angry Bird, into the domain slingshot it went. I like Hover’s UI, it’s all “I just took a bath!” clean, and the worst it tries to do on upselling is pitch more email– a redundancy if you go elsewhere for hosting. :P

I still need to buy up a couple other domains but at least the one that matters is covered for the next 3 years.


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