Level 28

Oh hi. So I’m 28 yet I still feel like I’m barely an adult, just fatter and nerdier and even less conventionally-attractive. Go me!

…absolutely nothing of note happened on Yoshi Day, as predicted. Just as well, it was too cold out to do much anyhow (it had drizzled earlier that morning). My brother did break his “radio silence out of laziness” for birthday wish TXT messages– as I suspected, his WoW account expired and he’s just been paying bills. Hi, it would have been nice for him or boss to give me notice or, better still, promote me to a level that I can reinvite returning players to Shattered Knights. Oh no, but that would be “work” for them, wouldn’t it? They LOL’d at me for being inexperienced before, but can’t be bothered to act like responsible adults for even a few minutes to make sure there is always someone wearing something resembling boss pants. Bleh. (And because I’m too damn nice, I’d still issue ’em Scrolls of Resurrection for when the expansion hits the live servers.)

Speaking of WoW… who has two thumbs and kicked Deathwing’s ass during tonight’s Dragon Soul 10-man? This dood. “Koyoshial, Destroyer’s End” FTW! Finally, I have something I can dangle over my brother’s head for once. (But I still want Kingslayer, too!) I also walked away with a nice little pile of upgrades, among them being the T13 mage hat (Time Lord’s Hood) which puts me in full Time Lord’s Regalia. Hot.


I forgot to snap pics of the cake… but just as well, it wasn’t what normally constitutes “birthday cake” anyway. (The store actually ran out of generic birthday cakes that day!) It was one of those fancy cakes that are… uhm… I guess the closest possible context would be that it’s a “mature” cake that adults eat in their best happy hour, something classy and expensive-looking that you would get at a high-class restaurant. But it was solid chocolate, so who am I to complain? But easter is coming up and I’m pretty sure mother is going to loot another cake for that one as she is convinced I hated the “backup” cake I got and I’m just saying I liked it just to be nice. (…what? That’s not true at all! It may not be standard birthday cake, but cake is cake, especially chocolate cake.)

I haven’t unboxed most of my loot yet: I only just opened one of the three, a Big Brother-type Angry Birds plush (w/ sound chip). I’m holding onto the other two until I can drag [info]neophoenixte on Skype since one of them is obviously his. (A reused NewEgg box with kooky writing on it…)

Very very slowly cleaning off the left arm of my “desk” so I can jam a third monitor in here and thus make my new video card fully usable. Mmm, triple monitor mode… it’s going to rock faces off. I’m almost tempted to just retire this bigass CRT monster early (it still works, just 9 years old and has hardcore ghosting that is starting to interfere with Instant Ramen) and pick up two Samsungs that I saw on sale a few days ago on Amazon to replace the CRT and fill the 3rd display slot. My office is going to be effing Mission Control at this rate. I mean, it is already… just even MORESO. Or maybe it’s a Gundam cockpit…

This dumb chair is bothering me, which I guess is my cue to let Blastoise pass into sleep mode and go play Tales of the Abyss for the rest of the evening.

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