Effect of Mass (retake) + Yoshi Day 2012

One system rebuild and one emergency video card swap later, I’ve cleared the first Mass Effect. (Let’s hope Blastoise doesn’t make a habit of killing his video card every time I play a new game. :P)

I got roped in because of Boss Kar (from WoW) and I believe Jessie further prodded me into playing. That was back in, uh, September. For some reason, I didn’t get very far and I got distracted by something else, and by the time I was about to resume, Blastoise got torpedo’d by some new virus and I had to rebuild him, losing my saved games in the process. And you know what happened with the second time around, the whole “FemShep is so awesome she made my video card kill itself!”

Short game is…. amazingly short. (Especially for something that eats 10GB, ouch) You can easily burn a few more hours digging through all the star systems for surveys and away missions, but I gather the main story is about 10 hours long. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind you! I mean, it’s not like any corners were cut plot-wise, things just happen to unfurl and resolve themselves in a small timeframe. Ha ha ha.

Also, if you’re like me and shooters aren’t normally your thing because you have crap for reflexes (I could barely handle Metal Gear and Metroid Prime), Mass Effect is extremely forgiving in that department. There’s no shame in picking Casual if that’s the case. Sure, there are achievements for higher difficulty settings, but as far as I know, toggling it doesn’t mess with the story, any.

I like when, during one of the side missions, I found a Geth assault rifle! (Can’t remember the name off-hand.) It’s kinda like how in later FF’s where you find a kickass weapon (usually a “dormant” version of your final weapon) but has no upgrade slots. But it was good enough to last me the rest of the way. Also: PEW PEW PEW. No, really. Cute laser beams! :D

I used Liara and Tali for pretty much all of my missions as soon as I got them.

Now I just have to get another hard drive (probably another SSD, devoted entirely for games) so I can loot the second and third games, I can’t keep swapping out installs on my system drive, it’s way too messy that way.

I have no bloody clue what’s going on locally for Yoshi Day. Not a peep from Robert (via TXT or WoW). It could be that I’ll have to take things online– I’ve got a free pizza credit and a webcam (two if I plug the eyeball into Dinah), and I’ve been meaning to play with Google Hangout anyhow.

For those on the Twitter side, you know what would rock faces off? Get #YoshiDay trending, because April Fools sucks and should GTFO. Cakes trump pranks, dood!

Ah, here come the first of the automated “happy birthday” emails (from forums and such). :P

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