It Gets Weird

One video card swap later and Blastoise is back… mostly. I didn’t change out one of the DVI adapter-things for the one that came with the card, so while Blastoise knows the secondary monitor is there he can’t see through it, so he’s still “blind” out of one eye. But at least the primary monitor works for now, and I’ll do the adapter swap tomorrow since I don’t have enough natural side-lighting to do it now. (Can’t use artificial lighting because the way his interior’s painted sucks up light like crazy. Doesn’t matter if I crank up my overhead and use my headlight. Boo!)

Whatever the case, as soon as he’s fully back in action… HOPEFULLY Mass Effect doesn’t cause his card to commit suicide again. >_>; (Or if it does, it’d better be within a month since it’d fall under the warranty time frame.)

I think my subconscious got bent or something. If I stay asleep long enough to dream for a good while, said dream eventually takes a turn for logic to try and break itself no matter how much I try to set it straight.

The constant in all of the dreams I can remember is that they all take place within a large but confined space– an office building or a house of some sort, broken up into smaller compartments and halls. And I don’t really have any interaction with anyone I know in depth… usually some kind of passing acquaintance or even someone I saw on TV or a podcast.

The first time, I was passing through some large building (airport lobby/hotel?) and I stop at a panel to log in… except the computer rejects my name as a copyright violation. “The name Yoshi Ayarane is property of S. Miyamoto. Please enter a different name.” WTF? Even my own dream world thinks I’m the Nintendo character? Still, I keep trying to log in and it says that I am either trying to pose as that Yoshi, or that my name doesn’t exist, or some other kind of system error. All in all, whatever I’m trying to log into is insistent that I do not exist in the system, that I may have committed some kind of error in asserting my identity. Yet somehow I know I can end everything by waking up, and that it’s probably best to wake up now and try again in what would presumably be a fresh instance.

…which is good because ohgod my nose was stuffed to hell and I needed to get up and walk around to clear it. At 5am.

Today’s was even weirder. This time I’m in the “TWiT Infinity House,” a (fictional, of course) new building that King Leo either bought or commissioned for show guests to stay in if they’re coming from out of town. For some reason, it’s got old Reconstruction-era diaries and books on back-lit corner shelves and… you know, country-barn trinkets like painted horses and dolls. I don’t get it, either. And then I find out why it’s called the “Infinity House” because the house literally NEVER ENDS– there is no absolute limit to the X or Z axis (the building is single-level) and it keeps spawning rooms and hallways forever and ever, and the farther one deviates from the entry at the north-center, the less gravity, to the point where you’re floating if you jump even the slightest.

I wander a bit too far out, enough to where I’m floating in the rooms because gravity no longer has influence… only to be pulled out even more by some other kind of force. Once I try to go back, that pull becomes even greater to compensate, like it wants to keep me from returning. This isn’t right. But I can’t fight it… I just don’t have the means to. All I can do to save myself is to wake up and terminate that instance.

What is it with logic and reason and physics trying to break itself and take me with it?

I think I would prefer it if my dreams went back to trying to convince me I’m really a lesbian. I used to get those a lot. (It probably has something to do with my voice and interests and how nerdy I am!) At least they don’t involve the universe trying to collapse itself and consume me in the fallout.

Nearly 4 days out from Yoshi Day, doods. Uhm… is that a skill level or talent point level? I can’t remember these days. What patch are we on again? :P


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