Yoshi Hot and Cold

Bwah, I did an extended one-shot Instant Ramen as birthday gift art for NSFW… I think it was 15 hours from start to finish, at least that’s what my plantwear watch showed and most of that was the paint job, and most of THAT was attempting to recreate the backdrop of the roundtable set of the TWiT Brickhouse. I’ll do a proper Instant Ramen post later…

So today I was all “buhhhh” and sore and rather out of it, just fading in and out throughout the day and coughing a bit. I thought it was because I had done that stupidly-complex Ramen piece and not taking enough breaks, but I think I might have caught whatever bug mother has since she was super-congested and such, and she had given me her leftover fries when she brought back McDonalds.

This wouldn’t be a problem except… tomorrow– er, today? I’m being summoned to do a virus purge, which involves going outside. Yoshi + sudden temperature changes = NO. x_x Not only are the “re-chills” painful (moreso when it’s after showering), it also drastically increases my likelihood of getting an awful headcold or worse. :(

What to do…? I said I’d do the virus purge, but I would like very much to just let this bug pass quietly without being exacerbated by temperature shifts and what-have-you. But then I’d be a flake for backing out and a jerk for not fixing someone’s laptop in a timely manner… not to mention a total wimp for not wanting to go out when I may be brewing a bug. Boo. (I’d be more willing to go out in the cold if I weren’t already a little under.)

In other news, I’m just now getting to play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. I played Red Rescue Team a few years ago, and found that I liked it WAY more than anything from the mothership. Mystery Dungeon-subseries are often written off as being too cute and… other things that suggest that it’s not serious, but they are actually very well-written compared to the mothership titles. Of course, you still get to scratch that “collect them all” itch in the post game… and evolve, too. Plowing through as a Blastoise kicks ass. >:D


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