(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Time Lapsed Blastoise

I didn’t know whether to flag it as a WIP or completion, but the video below documents more or less what goes on from ink to color and… oh, just watch the damn thing already.

Low bitrate is looooow. Sure, it’ll load pretty fast, but holy crap all the jitter and artifacts and ew. You can be sure I’ll crank up the capture bitrate for future streams and captures. :P
But yes, if you have ever wanted to see how Instant Ramen gets drawn and polished, look no further! This particular piece probably won’t be exported as a standalone piece, but will be included in the immediately-following wallpapers I’m drawing up for Blastoise (crouching with his spear, summoning the pressure cannons for Hydro Pump, and a third one I’ve not yet wireframed).

I would like to livestream as much Instant Ramen as possible, though in reality, odds are I’ll probably stream just the major pieces and commissions.

Semi-related: drawing this kinda makes me miss Blastoise’s PSU/PSPortable2 form. I may go pick up the latter again…

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