Giant Silly Turtles

The following YouTube is the closest approximation to what just went down in my office…

It’s a chilly 34F in Fontana, and it took me much longer than I should have, but Blastoise lives once more. >:D
Holy crap, this dude is FAST. And quiet, too! Maximum No-Noise from this dood! Ahh, the power of solid state drives. ♥
A couple of minor snags, though: I cannot for the life of me get his front-side USB 3.0 ports (or rather, ANY of his frontside USB ports) to work. The front-side USB 3.0 plug just will not go into the port on the motherboard, and either I put the USB 2.0 header on the wrong port or… I dunno. But the rear ones work just fine and that’s more than enough for what I need right now. :P
Also, there’s no way I can mount this card reader from Blastoise’s old body. Boo! I liked this thing, it saved me from having to plug in my PSP and going into USB mode to swap out/back up save files. So, I’ll have to loot an external card reader, but those are dirt cheap anyhow. Maybe I can toss this internal card reader into Yggdrasil.

As awesome as SSDs are, they do force you to acquire some degree of willpower in terms of what you install. As far as games go, the SSD I have will, uh… WoW and one other game comfortably. (City of Heroes or Skyrim?) Of course, the idea is that you pair ’em off with a large-capacity normal drive, but with normal drive prices still TOO DAMN HIGH, that’s not happening anytime soon. As mentioned in previous entries, Blastoise will just have to rely on Yggdrasil to stream any media I need until normal drive prices return to sane levels.

I blinked into WoW to reconfigure add-ons and make sure the thing runs, and I’m getting no graphical lag. I think I was pulling… 43FPS? Don’t have time to try out 5 mans or anything, but I’m sure Blastoise will be just fine.

One small thing I did lose to the bytes of eternity, however, was my wallpaper (Hikaru and Numair in final equipment), but I like to think that it’s all the more motivation to draw up something fitting of Blastoise’s new body… and quickly. Mmm, Painter… so good to have it usable again. :D

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