Slower and Steadier… and Messier

Blastoise’s case paint is not helping much. It’s this matte black, so it’s not reflective (except, of course, for lulz flash photography and then it’s OMG LENS FLARE), and the overhead lighting isn’t enough. I ran out of batteries for my headlight, so that’s out… which is why I need to do this stuff during the day since the side window and the sun that unloads through it PLUS overhead lighting would be just enough so I can see.

Also: is there really a point to the I/O gate anymore, aside from keeping marginal amounts of dust from seeping through between the ports and plugs? All it’s doing is posing unnecessary frustration while I’m trying to bolt this motherboard in place; falling off, pushing back, etc. Once I took it off, it was soooo much easier to bolt things into place.

Nice to see that the PSU goes below the motherboard this time, though… I always hated that it was above, on the off-chance that it could fall off from where it’s at and break stuff on the way down.

SO. The optical drive and SSD are in (but not connected). Once more, I ran out of daylight, because I just happened to have a broken smoke alarm that decided to trigger a house-wide smoke alarm tantrum. It started beeping to indicate battery fail (even though said battery had just been replaced), then all the other alarms started beeping too. It’s this ear-piercing cacophony… though… I will say that the Cacophony of WOOF is still worse because that has a certain bass in addition to being loud, and smoke alarms are just high-pitched. In any case, I have a broken smoke alarm, so mother had to haul a ladder into my office to disconnect my smoke alarm to try and find a replacement, but forgot to move the ladder (it was blocking the doorway, preventing me from going in and work on Blastoise) until the sun was starting to set. Buh… I could have been booting if I’d been able to get in earlier. All that’s left is to seat the video card, connect the SATA cables, the front panel wiring and the power cables and I can finally boot this dood.

TL;DR Edition: Slow Yoshi is slow and should not be building in cold weather and poor lighting. :P


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