I has a new toy. It’s the Hauppauge HD-PVR, which is pretty much the ultimate capture box out right now that doesn’t require you have a monster of a machine to be able to run it. The doods on YouTube and that capture game video pretty much swear by this thing, thus! It’s currently hooked up to Yggdrasil since he’s the most powerful Windows machine (Dinah can pwn both Iggy and Blastoise but I have to buy the Mac driver separately… bah)

Getting it running, however… was kind of a pain, and it isn’t so much about the box as it was the consoles I was testing it with. The original plan was to feed my PS3 through it… well, that’s out because it entails having to tell the thing “HAY YOU USE COMPONENT INSTEAD OF HDMI OKAY?” rather than, you know, autodetect like everyone else. So I dragged over my old PS2, which this component cable is supposed to work on. Success?

…partially. Now I was getting video but no audio. Aw hell. Tried both the front and rear ports, and nothing. I was about to rule the box a dud but decided to try with the PS2’s original SD composite cables (yellow/red/white). Aaaaand that one worked!

So, in the end, I looted a bad component cable, but because it came in one of those crappy blister cases that are supposed to be theft-deterrent…. yeeeah, good luck trying to exchange it. Well, it was one of those cheaper cables anyway, and I can live with SD for now since my first capture project will be a full replay of the original .hack games.

Without recording, I only get minimal lag, enough to be playable. I would reeeeeally like to avoid having to do a passthrough into my TV if I can help it, but if not… well, I’ll just have to deal with it. But I’ll do THAT tomorrow, running around and carrying gear back and forth down the hall is tiring. @_@

In other news, I also have a bigger memory stick on the PSP. Yay~

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