(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Obligatory Hot Springs

This was originally going to be another WIP post with the line art, but then I got to coloring and then it was 5am and I was all “screw it, go for glory” and, um… yeah.
Removed the peeping mask from Denlan and Aries– it was an awful Tenchi reference that nobody would get anyway, and they get the “WE TROLL HOT SPRINGS FOR LULZ” point across as is. Aries does, however, get a beer bottle. Because, you know, everything is always improved with booze.

This is when some overthinking dood comes in and tries to figure out why I’m so fixated on beer and alcohol humor even though I’ve never imbibed nor do I plan to. Fictional booze is funny! I can’t explain further.

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