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First: Yeah, there’s been an uptake of Instant Ramen posts, if you can’t already tell. I blame a trio of RP accounts that have surfaced on Twitter (and I control one of them!) since I think they pretty much exist solely to feed me bad ideas. Fun times! :D

I’m nodding off here, and was about to go to bed when SUDDENLY, CEREAL BOWL (Frosted Flakes), so there goes that. Then I realize I haven’t done a “what podcasts I’m looting” post in awhile, so to put in a nice little wall ‘o text in the middle of the ramen stream…

NSFW remains my top favorite of the bunch. For the uninitiated, the acronym does not literally mean “Not Safe For Work” as is the conventional definition; it’s usually defined as “New Show Full of Win” and “New Sauce for the Webernets” and others that may crop up here and there. NSFW is, for lack of a better description (and one sanctioned by the hosts themselves) the equivalent of “Beavis and Butthead in podcast form,” just replace “snarking on bad music videos” with “snarking on internet memes” and making new ones. :D Also fun: inventing silly quiz games that take advantage of things like Google’s auto-complete (“Name that AutoComplete”), YouTube’s crappy AutoTranscribe (“But Cuba”) and, most recently, the captcha (“Captcha or Foreign Celebrity”)
(oh, uh, sometimes I do some Ramen pieces for this podcast… most recently, it was one of the TWiT studio managers as a Lakitu Bro. The more you know!)

The Morning Stream is creeping up there, however. Holy crap, the last time I actually cared about anything resembling morning radio was, uh… the “Rick Dees in the Morning” dailies, and that was at least 15-20 years ago. (I’m old.)
And that’s almost what this is: a geek’s version of Rick Dees, and then some! Be ready to embrace your inner 12 year old with the odd fart joke here and there (hell, the segment about celebrities is called “Celebrity Poop”). If you like any of the following: Star Trek trivia, clips of SUPER-old commercials, the occasional “get off my lawn/kids these days” rants and soundboard abuse, by all means! My only complaint is that this show only runs four days a week, but I suppose that’s a) mitigated somewhat by the Thursday show being longer than the others (due to the “Therapy Thursday” segment) and b) what The Instance is for (since it records on Friday mornings). :P
tiny caveat: The hosts lean a bit liberal, and this especially shows if a politics story shows up in the news or Celebrity Poop segments as the pictures that appear online like All Time Victoria Justice Full Nude Set of Leaked Pics – Ximage. Just saying.

…I’m noticing a pattern here… the silliness of geeks… *cough*

Film Sack (also a Frogpants podcast, like the above TMS) is where you go if you want snark about bad/cheesy movies. Now, to some people this may be a highly situational podcast in that you might end up only looting the episodes about movies you’ve seen/heard of, and this is the case for me. But sometimes I load up an episode just to hear the banter and sass. :)
Hopefully one day Space Cowboys will be subject to a Sackin’, because as much as I love that movie, I want sooooo much to see it get snarked up every way and thrice on a Sunday. XD

And now I hobble off to bed, and likely to be followed by some troll kitty. Not that I mind. I love this freaking cat, even if he coats my bed sheets and 90% of my clothes in orange. :P

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