RAGE! And stolen ice cream.

Was about to start coloring this when the rest of me is all “oh hi, it’s 1am, can we go sleepy-bye now?”
So, I’ll leave Painter open and hopefully remember to get to this tomorrow.

Related serious-but-also-stupid question:

Do you guys like these WIP posts? I’ve been noticing as of late that they tend to get WAY more comment attention than finished pieces. Are these WIPs kinda spoiler-y for the final graphical punchline, or do you like seeing how the sausa– …ramen’s made? Or am I just reading too far into things and people are just so busy that they can’t be arsed to say anything? :P

Really, I’m not trying to be an attention-seeker, I’m just curious in light of recent commenting trends for Instant Ramen posts.

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