Needs more Varia Suit

102F in Fontana today. :(

I know, it’s, what, 120+ in Texas and such? “Cry moar, Yoshi,” etc. etc.
Still, heat waves are boo, and this one is so poorly timed. Still haven’t been able to go to the credit union to break out my CD and my bank account is making angry faces at me for me to feed it more coins. Also I was really wanting to bug [info]brendala about going out this week, but because I am a total wimp in anything resembling hot weather, that is definitely not happening. Boooooo.

Epic squiggly-line-ball of argh is not epic enough. Buh. At least this time we have working A/C so I’m not frying my brains out indoors. :P

In other, nomtasty news, I did loot Papa Johns’ Premium Pepperoni event pizza (which is basically their version of Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni Lover’s) a couple days ago. While it’s common knowledge that promotional food photography should NEVER be trusted, needless to say they don’t exactly pile on the pepperoni as the pictures claim. They do, however, use mega-sized deli pepperoni slices on the upper layer. If I recall correctly, the last time Papa Johns brought out the huge pepperoni was… what, when they were promoting the King Kong remake? (The Kong XL, I think it was called.) All the same, I hope this is made a permanent topping option– they did, after all, keep John’s Favorite. :D


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