Holy Cornholio, Batman


Epic Butthead wins during the Jersey Shore part, by the way.
I can’t wait until they “discover” Youtube and, better still, pwn Lady Gaga. AS THEY SHOULD. >:D

Oh hi, OSX Lion?
Sometimes I forget I’m a Mac user, too. (Remember Dinah?) Normally when it comes to OS upgrades, I’d jump in with little a second thought, but I can’t say I approve of the whole “iOS-ification” thing that’s going on. Of course, I imagine I can turn most of it off… but otherwise there just isn’t anything in there that says “gib Lion nao.” I’ll loot it eventually, but considering my coin block is running rather low (and damned illness is keeping me from going to Pomona to break out my last Reserve Block)… yeah, I’ll wait on this one.


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