Medical Anomaly

Herp a derp. The awesome doctor calls with my blood test results… and this leads to a WTF moment in a good way? I guess…?

So, as much as I am a fat chick who looks like she could faceplant at any moment (or so mother claims)… internally, things are actually looking pretty nice. Recall how last year I got slapped with anemia and such? Apparently… not so much anymore! I don’t get it either. It’s not like I really changed my diet… Best not to question these things. :P (That and I doubt anyone would believe me… least of all mother, who’s convinced I’m going to die, and she’s more concerned about people judging her.)

I just need to have not-crappy stamina so I don’t get winded so easily and thus doods won’t stare at me. Given that all I have as far as walking spaces that won’t set off the bulldogs is the cluttered hallway on the 2nd level. (I prefer NOT to trigger the CACOPHONY OF WOOF if I can help it, it’s too much of a drama-maker and puts everyone on edge for the next couple of hours. Freaking bulldogs.)

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