(WIP) Ramen Happy Hour + OMG PAINTER 12

A little solar highlight on Yggdrasil and…
…oh, hi Hikaru~

I’d opened up Painter with the intention of working on this during Craig Ferguson and next thing I know I’m all “blah de blah, herp a derp, OH IT’S 3:30AM I THINK I MIGHT WANT TO DRAW NOW” and then I just power on like nothing happened. Actually, that’s been the norm for ramen, now that I remember… and the timestamps on the JPEG exports corroborate this. I really do get more stuff done after midnight.

It’s weird because then I start wondering where it came from… it’s not like it’s last-minute work for a class. I know I’ve always been a bit of a night owl, but… I like being able to sleep at night, too. :|

Oh! While we’re on the topic of Painter…
Painter 12… wha? It’s out? about damn time I was wondering what happened to the beta, so I went to Corel’s site to see if there was even a tease about that… only to find it’s buyable now. Seriously, it came out yesterday. Who knew? (Corel isn’t too big on pimping their stuff beforehand, it seems…)

I was going to plunk down the monies since I did say I would actually buy the thing rather than torrent (for one thing, as of 11, Corel now gives you both the Windows and Mac versions on one disc, which will make outfitting Dinah SO much easier), but I’m going to sit on my hands for the moment until I find out if 12 is as much a trainwreck as 11 was.

If you don’t recall, Painter 11 was so, SO awful, namely in that it pretty much destroyed the idea of layers and was pretty crash-happy and I ended up going back to Painter 10 for the Windows machines. This, of course, made it a huge pain to outfit Dinah since 10 apparently does not work with her version of Mac OS X, but 11 did, and that’s kind of boo and… yeah. So, hopefully 12 is made of MAXIMUM NO-SUCK and I can spring for the upgrade pricing. >:D Or even better… deviantArt is likely to promote the hell out of it with their events and such, I should just go through them. XD

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