(WIP) Just Add Monsters

Now with more villains! Aha… I need to grab reference sprites for the lesser ones, I made Phreeoni look like a freaking Wobbufett (sp).

I think that concludes the wireframe part. Tempted to paint the Yggdrasil BG before I ink this time. It reminds me of those rare instances in which I got to paint on giant canvases… as clumsy as they were, it was also pretty awesome.

Pizza Wednesday = price drop on “X Lovers” specs = hi, Pizza Hut.
Classic Hand Tossed, I missed you~
As much as Pizza Hut is all about their novelty crusts, sometimes you just have to go back to the root of it all. Hand-tossed Pepperoni Lover’s, hell yeah. (Also? The crust ends are useful for scraping out the bottom of this ranch dip jar. Hah!)

You know what else is good? Sleep. Sucks that I work best late at night and end up sleeping through the day, and sometimes I end up dream walking for some strange spiritual reason.

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